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Optimised Plumbing Services have a friendly reliable and qualified blocked drain team that have all the experience and knowledge ever needed in fixing blocked drain issues. Our blocked drain services start from $77 and we proudly service every Sydney suburb.

We use nothing but the latest technology for locating and eliminating blockages. Our plumbers are fully licensed as per NSW’s Fair Trade and carry out all blocked drain work under The Plumbing Code of Australia. Our plumbers always provide expert advice in order to fix your blocked drains and prevent this issue from happening in the near future.

Solving Drain Blockages For Over 20 Years!

Blocked Drain difficulties are one of our specialties here at Optimised Plumbing Services. Working for all of Sydney’s population, we have 20 years of experience on our side to deal with all of your plumbing problems. Our blocked drain process involves our team identifying the cause using the latest technology and then placing strategic methods in order to correctly unblock drains and pipes. The knowledge combined with specific techniques allows us to deal with any dilemma and to perfectly remove blockages. Additionally, we also provide tricks and tips on how to prevent your drains from being blocked in the future. Our work is for the benefit of our clients and we enjoy seeing people with these plumbing stresses being free of the additional worry they bring. Likewise, our prices are affordable and reasonable for the work we do.


Blocked Drain Causes

Having a blocked kitchen sink or blocked bathroom drain have common origins. From our professional experiences, the common reasons as to why drains become blocked are from:

The excess dirt from clothes and yourself accumulate in the drain. This results in bockages and more issues. It is important that you shake yourself and your clothes outside of the shower, washing machine and sink before. This allows the dirt to not be washed completely into the drain.

Items beyond toilet paper and human waste being flushed down a toilet is highly not encouraged. This is because they clearly do not fit in the pipes connected for the toilet and cannot be easily flushed down the drain. Compost, recycling and trash should never be flushed down a toilet, otherwise a professional will need to deal with the issue.

When minerals dissolve in hard water it can lead to your drains being blocked as they mass produce and connect. They are difficult to remove, therefore, having a qualified plumber to get rid of the contents is really the only option. Otherwise, installing a water softener is another method if hard water is an occurrence in your vicinity.

Being one of the most common culprits, hair can build up easily in drains. This is because they connect with grease and other sticky things and clog the drain. Before entering the shower, try to minimise the amount of hair that will fall out or regularly remove the hairs from the drain.

Traditional soap bars are made from fats and grease. This means that when the soap enters your drains there is a chance that the substances can build up. This will clog your pipes and drains. However, they are more common in taps and showers.

Foods, especially coffee grounds, tea leaves, grease and oils, should never be pushed down the kitchen sink. They will easily clog the drain, therefore, simply throw the waste in the bin or compost it.

Sometimes drainage pipes will have small cracks which will give way for tree roots to grow. Complicated and advanced plumbing work will be needed to resolve the occurrence. Make certain that you check up on your tree roots structure so that they are not close to your drainage systems.

blocked drain cleaning techniques

There are specific techniques which we apply to certain drains and blockages. Here are a list of techniques we use and why we use them:

These concoctions will be used to be flushed down the drain. They will hopefully dissolve the contents within. The ingredients which may be applied are a combination of bicarb soda (baking soda) as well as white vinegar. When they react, they bubble and will perform the needed task.

These dissolve grease, hair food and other grime. The chemical solution is poured down in the drain, however, do not have the power to dissolve solids. However, the chemicals are extremely harmful to the environment. It is recommended that natural cleaners are used instead.

By using a high pressure current of water, this method pushes the substances clogging the drain further down the pipe. This method is not as effective against chunky solids, yet, this method is better for your pipes as it does little to no damage and can still unclog your drains.

By placing cameras within the drains, we are able to easily see what is blocking the pipe. This will allow us to apply the most effective treatment. A rotating coil may be used to spin and cut through the solids which the other methods cannot eliminate. This process, however, can cause some damage to your pipes if not done correctly due to the spinning blades.

If the problem is more severe, cutting through the ground to access the pipes may be necessary. Often used as the last resort, this method will allow the plumber to replace or repair the pipes that are clogged with substances. Due to being more time consuming and having a higher labour and financial cost, this is left for the most severe cases of blocked drains.

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Sydney 24hr Blocked Drain Plumbers

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we are a professional blocked drain specialist highly knowledgeable in the trade. We provide instant work with the blocked drains through our emergency plumber service. We arrive as soon as possible and work to quickly fix your property’s clogged drains. We have all the necessary licenses and qualification to work in all types of environments and buildings including subsoil drains. Call our domestic plumbers and commercial plumbers when your drain becomes blocked as you will be in professional hands. Our 20+ years of experience within the field and our passionate staff will remove any issues in the most safe, affordable and quickest way. See why many others have chosen Optimised Plumbing Services as their local Sydney plumbers and contact us on 0411 217 174 or for a $0 call out today!

Frequently asked blocked drain questions!

A blocked drain is when there is a large build-up of heavy objects that are flushed down the drain and eventually cause a blockage that prevents water flow. These objects can be anything from sanitary products, hair, food waste. They can also be cause by other factors such as poor pipe installation, broken pipes and heavy rains.

This is largely dependent on what type of drain blockage it is. Some are minor and can be resolved easily, whereas other blocked drain will require the services of a professional plumbing. Some tips for minor blocked drain include: boiling water, toilet plungers, corrosive cleaners and bent close hangers. If you need a plumber to have a look, contact Optimised Plumbing Services today! We have also recently released an article on 8 tips for clearing a blocked drain!

The costs of unblocking drains can vary from job to job as all drains and blockages are different. Our blocked drain services start from $77 and to help identify your problem quicker, we offer a $0 call out fee during business hours only.

If there is a consistent bad smell in your drains then this is due to a blocked drain. This occurs when the debris (e.g soap, hand wipes, hair, food waste) starts to rot due because of bacteria. If it is only one drain that smells then this is usually a local blockage. However, if all the drains within your property smell then this is a sign of the main sewer line being blocked and an emergency plumber needs to be called!

If your toilet has a minor blockage then a standard flange toilet plunger for your toilet may be sufficient. It is important to specifically purchase a flange plunger and not a cup plunger that is for sinks. To block the toilet, remove as much water as possible, cover the toilet drain with the plunger and then push up and down. If you need a plumber for any toilet installation or repair, contact us today!

Drains will gurgle if there is a partial blockage inside your drain pipes and the gurgling sound creates bubbles as water trying to escape the blockage. If you hear repeated gurgling noises then you should contact your local plumber to have these issues resolved before they turn into major blockages and cost you more money.

If your toilet drains are blocked then this is usually a sign of the blockage being located there. This is the same for your kitchen. However, if all your drains are blocked then an emergency plumber should be immediately called as the blockage may be occurring within your sewer line.

Your drain is blocked as there has been a gradual build-up of debris over time that is preventing water flow. If left unattended, a blocked drain will damage your entire property's plumbing system and will start to smell due to the debris rotting. It is always recommended to seek immediate plumbing help to reduce the possibility of escalation. 

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