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Eastern Creek locals looking for help with their blocked drains should immediately contact Optimised Plumbing Services. We are an emergency plumbing service company catering to locals of the Sydney suburbs. We have been in the industry for more than 20 years and we continue to remain committed to our goal of providing a competent plumber specialising in all blocked drain repairs for residential and commercial buildings.

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We have been servicing Eastern Creek as blocked drain plumbers for over 15 years!

Why choose us

Tried and Tested Blocked Drain Repair

Our blocked drain repair team has been helping locals in Eastern Creek and other suburbs in Sydney for over 20 years. Through those years, we have gained the needed experience and skills to be of most help to our customers. It also allowed us to explore which approaches work and how they can be combined with modern technology to make our unclogging processes more effective and long-lasting. With all these, we aim to continue providing only the best and the most affordable plumbing services in Eastern Creek and the whole of Sydney.

Competent Blocked Drain Plumber in Eastern Creek

Every blocked drain plumber at Optimised Plumbing Services is licensed with NSW Fair Trading. We believe that to continue offering the best unclogging service, we must strive to be updated and highly qualified to do the job. In NSW, a licensed plumber is someone who passed the training and apprenticeship required by the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2017 and the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2011.  

Blocked Sewer

Sewers are clogged due to tree root interference, damaged sewer pipes and multiple clogged drains. Usual signs of a clogged sewer system include water backup in different drains, toilets not flushing correctly and slow draining in different locations in the property. While there is no quick fix to a blocked sewer, we can immediately help you deal with it. We have the tools, experience and knowledge to put in place a solution that will unclog blocked sewers in no time.

Blocked Kitchen Sink

Food scrap and grease are common reasons for a blocked kitchen sink. But it can also be due to other small objects that can easily go down the drain. Several DIY solutions can help resolve this blockage. However, professional help is a must when it is happening too frequently. With our 24/7, same-day service guarantee, we can send one of our blocked drain specialists within minutes of making a request. We have been repairing blocked kitchen sinks for over two decades, so we can get them unclogged in no time.

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Aside from unclogging sewers and kitchen sinks, we also offer services for blocked shower drains, blocked toilets and blocked showerheads. To have the most competent and professional plumber repairing your blocked drains, contact Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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