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Optimised Plumbing Services is there for Killara 24/7 with our qualified Blocked Drain plumbers. The suburb of Killara is located 14 kilometers north-west of the Sydney central business district. West Killara is a locality within the neighborhood, while East Killara is known to be a separate suburb. The homes found in the neighborhood come in a variety of styles, which them unique. There are modern houses, bungalows, and other types as well. Different kinds of commercial establishments are scattered throughout the suburb as well.

The residents of Killara may be enjoying their lives simply. But small problems can cause major damages which eventually disrupts the peace they have. One of these issues is a blocked sewer drain. Although it appears as though it can be cleared out easily, this task is something a blocked drain specialist should handle to prevent further issue. Fortunately, this is what Optimised Plumbing Services offers. We have plumbers who have been using their expertise, as well as improving it, for over 20 years. Our team is reliable when it comes to blocked drain problems. Whether it’s a sink, toilet or the sewer, our team can surely find a solution for it.

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Blocked Drain Specialists Repair Killara’s Blockages

The reason for a sink completely blocked is commonly due to dirt, waste and small objects piling up which only causes further clogging. Sometimes, it’s because of tree roots growing from cracks and might cause burst pipes. It’s important to get a professional check on the issue before you assure yourself it’s a small problem because it can result to more complex repairs or total replacements which is inconvenient especially for instances such as a blocked toilet. Optimised Plumbing Services is aware of how troublesome the situation can be. We make sure to keep our rates low-cost, starting at $77, for the convenience of our customers.

We check on our plumbers to make sure they are fully licensed and qualified according to the NSW Fair Trade before we allow them to work on a blocked drain repair. By doing so, we are able to ensure our customers that the problem is being dealt with safe hands. This also keeps us secured when it comes to the performance our team presents. We provide our plumbers with the latest technological tools to help them maximise their abilities. It allows them to focus on strategies to clear the drain without having to sacrifice the speed and efficiency of their work.

Blocked Drains are No Problem at Killara

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we value the work we provide our customers in Killara with our Blocked Drain team. Our team makes sure our services are accessible and available as much as possible. Because of this, we keep our offices open 24 hours a day for both regular and emergency situations, whether it’s regarding a blocked bathroom drain or a blocked kitchen sink. Our rates are kept at affordable prices as well.

We also provide Emergency Plumber services for everyone living in Killara. Additionally, we recommend reading our insight on ‘what is a subsoil drain‘ for further insights on the subject.

You can contact us to get a quote or for inquiries by dialling the number 0411-217-174 or by sending an email to the address With our services open all day, we’ll get back to you soon!

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