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The team of Blocked Drain plumbers here at Optimised Plumbing Services are the most reliable and effective for those living in Leichhardt. Located in the Inner West of Sydney, Leichhardt has over 14,600 people living in it and contains both commercial and residential zones. The main commercial places are located on Norton Street due to many different restaurants, cafes, retail shops and residential buildings all scattered along there. 

Furthermore, the Italian Forum is close to the street where a piazza is situated which offers many small shops and restaurants. MarketPlace Leichhardt is another shopping destination which is a centre that has many supermarkets, specialty and retail stores. For anyone living or working in Leichhardt and experiencing a blocked drain, Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help.

Looking for help with blocked drain repairs in Haberfield? We’re here for you, ready to assist whenever you reach out.


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Trusted Blocked Drain Specialists

The blocked drain repair services we offer to Leichhardt here at Optimised Plumbing Services covers us operating in all places. As qualified plumbers who have worked with blocked drains for over 20 years, we know how to handle all types of blocked drains. As a blocked drain specialist company as well, it is our responsibility to know how to resolve all complications with blockages. 

This is why each blocked drain plumber with us is fully licensed, done the training and has the experience with clogs in drains. Moreover, our team can operate on all commercial plumbing as well as residential, along with working outside or inside. Our professional workers, as a result, can perform all types of blocked drain assistance using specialised tools and techniques. Such as working with a blocked sewer, a blocked kitchen sink or a blocked toilet, each plumber can use their knowledge to their advantage for all jobs. 

This means that the most effective and safe procedure will be applied for each individual job, as well as, working efficiently to have the clogged removed fast. For all blocked drains in Leichhardt, Optimised Plumbing Services will guarantee to be the most effective at removing all clogs from all drainage systems.

Delivering Quality Blocked Drain Support

All Blocked Drain issues which happen in Leichhardt can be resolved through the help of Optimised Plumbing Services. Our 20 plus years of experience has seen us develop into specialists who can effectively and efficiently resolve all blocked drain concerns. Likewise, our team make certain to never be late, as well as perform at their best for each type of blocked drainage situation.

Additionally, we offer Emergency Plumber support to Leichhardt where we can perform any needed plumbing task at any time. Also, we encourage reading our blog on ‘when do I need pipe relining’ to see the best time for the process and why it should happen. 

No matter the drainage or location of the blockage in Leichhardt – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475 or email us at No clogged drain or pipe is too difficult for our expert plumbers to operate on, but we will safely and properly remove all blockages.

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