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Overflowing Drains – What To Do?

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Overflowing drains are a type of plumbing issue with drainage systems that can cause serious problems. Often in sewage and wastewater plumbing systems, drains overflowing will occur when waste cannot easily flow down the system. A professional plumber will have to resolve the issue as the overflow often signals that a deeper and more serious problem has occurred. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Emergency Plumber team are here to help any person when their drains are overflowing. 

To handle overflowing drains the first action to take is to contact a licensed plumber to handle the problem. The most common reasons why overflowing drains occur are: drain blockages, tree roots and if pipes are damaged or collapse. If the overflow is from municipal sewer lines then the local council will fix the issue. If the drain is overflowing in private property then the property owner will need to contact their home insurance or a plumber.

Who is Responsible for Dealing with Overflowing Drains?

Drains that are overflowing will be dealt with either by local councils and Sydney Water or by property owners. It all depends on the location the drain is overflowing and what piping system it belongs to. For drains that are located in community sewer lines then local councils and Sydney Water will resolve the issue.

Overflowing drains that are within the home’s sewer and drainage lines will need to be dealt with by private properties. If the fault of the drain overflowing is from the people living or working inside the property, this will result in property owners being responsible for repairing the issue. If the home is covered under home insurance then possibly the insurer can resolve the issue but it depends on what policy the home is covered by. 

What are the Most Common Reasons for Overflowing Drains?

Drains overflowing with water and other contents can occur from many different scenarios and problems. The most common issues that cause overflowing drains are:

  • Blocked Drains – foreign objects entering plumbing and drainage systems are not meant to enter the system and often cause blockages. These include grease, food, hair, wipes and other objects that will easily build up and cause a clogged drain. When drains become blocked the contents cannot flow and leads to them overflowing back into the house. 
  • Damaged Pipes – pipes that have cracks or are damaged in any other way can cause overflow. This is because of tree roots, dirt and other items entering the pipe in the damaged sections. When this occurs they can build up and cause a blockage leading to an overflow.
  • Collapsed Pipes – drainage systems that have collapsed means that waste and water cannot easily flow through them. This means that the liquid may enter the soil but other contents, such as toilet paper, can rise up and cause an overflow.
  • Tree Roots – when tree roots enter drainage systems they are looking for water and cause major issues. From breaking the pipes to causing large blockages, tree roots are a common reason why overflowing drains are occurring. 

Local Issues – the local pipelines may have experience issues from weather or repairs which leads to private properties experiencing overflowing drains. 

What are the Signs of an Overflowing Drain?

Overflowing drains are never great so the main signs to look for that indicate that the drains will or are overflowing are:

  • Smell – the smell of sewage coming into the building is a sign that sewage may be blocked and begin to backup. The sewage backup can cause contents to overflow into the building and will be a major problem.
  • Noises – gurgling sounds coming from drains, particularly the toilet, will hint that an overflow problem may occur. 
  • Blockages – a blocked toilet or blocked sewer drain for example can indicate that an overflowing drain problem may occur. The more a drain is blocked the higher the chance contents cannot move down the drain and may begin to back up.

How Can I Prevent Drains from Overflowing?

The main ways to prevent plumbing overflowing back into drains are:

  • Pipe Relining – before pipes become too broken or damaged undergoing pipe relining will strengthen existing pipes. One of the benefits of pipe relining and upgrading the pipes is that it will mean they are less likely to break and potentially cause overflowing drains.
  • Tree Root Prevention – interfering with tree roots before they break into pipes will help prevent drains from being blocked.
  • Blockage Prevention – ensuring the right contents are entering the pipe network is important in preventing clogs which could lead to an overflow in drainage systems.

Trusted Sydney Plumbers Repairing Drainage Problems

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to resolve any overflowing drains at any time of the day. Our fully qualified plumbers will perform any needed tasks to repair the overflowing drainage issue. From repairing a blocked drain using a drain snake or high pressure jet to repairing tree root infestation, we will ensure that the overflowing plumbing is fixed safely and efficiently.

We offer our drainage assistance to all Sydney locals, including Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Sutherland Shire.   

For help with overflowing drains to a trusted blocked drain plumber – you always rely on Optimised Plumbing Services Sydney!

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