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Picnic Point is fortunate to have Optimised Plumbing Services readily available when local residents encounter blocked drain issues. For more than two decades, our team of exceptionally skilled plumbers has been dedicated to assisting homeowners and businesses. Each member of our team holds an NSW plumbing license, signifying that they have met and exceeded the minimum requirements mandated by the law. Our expertise also extends to the installation and repair of hot water systems, gas-powered appliances, and water meters.

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We have been servicing Picnic Point as blocked drain plumbers for over 15 years!

Why choose us

Licensed and Insured Blocked Drain Specialist in Picnic Point

NSW Fair Trading requires all plumbers to be licensed and insured. In NSW, plumbers need to undergo the Certificate III in Plumbing course and an apprenticeship before securing a licence. Completing these requirements ensure only the most qualified blocked drain plumbers are working in homes and commercial spaces. It also makes sure that every installation and repair did comply with The Plumbing Code of Australia.

Same Day Service

Our blocked drain specialists are always ready to help 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. With our round-the-clock availability, we are making sure that every Sydney local have access to high standard plumbing services anytime, any day.

Blocked Shower Drain

Hair usually gets the blame for blocked shower drains. The accumulation of fallen hair down the drain is the number one reason behind clogging in this part of the house. When this happens, property owners can try DIY fixes. However, it is best to contact a blocked drain specialist, especially those who have been frequently dealing with this issue.

Blocked Toilet

The toilet is an important fixture at homes and commercial buildings. When clogging hits the toilet, it interrupts normal day-to-day activities. The good news is that there are several natural ways to unclog a blocked toilet. All these DIY solutions make use of readily available materials. For those cases where these easy-to-do fixes are not enough, our blocked drain repair team is just a call or message away from helping. With our 24/7 operating hours, we are confident we can get a competent blocked drain plumber in any Sydney property within minutes.

Blocked Showerhead

Soaking a blocked showerhead in a solution of baking soda and vinegar has been proven to get rid of sediment buildup. A blocked showerhead is usually the result of the buildup of limestone and mineral deposits. It is best to regularly clean the showerhead to prevent this buildup. For severe cases, our blocked drain specialists have the experience and knowledge to help with this issue.

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Severe consequences associated with clogged drains are enough to have it quickly checked by a trusted blocked drain plumber. For the fastest blocked drain repair service in Picnic Point, contact Optimised Plumbing Services now!

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