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Toilet Deodorisers & Blocked Drains!

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Toilet deodorisers are used to freshen up a toilet and keep it clean and smell nice. The problem is that sometimes the content of the toilet fresheners can cause a Blocked Drain to occur. The toilet blockage from the toilet deodorisers can be resolved through DIY drain cleaning methods. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services we are experts at dealing with blocked drains and can quickly and effectively clean a clog inside the toilet. 

Toilet deodorisers can sometimes fall into the toilet and into the plumbing. This can be from the toilet freshener being old, weak or the seat or someone knocking it into it. When they fall and become stuck in the toilet they will often cause a blockage. Manually removing them, using plumbing tools or contacting a plumber is the best way to deal with toilet deodoriser clogs.

How Do I Fix a Toilet Deodoriser Blocked Drain?

When the toilet freshener has fallen into the toilet and potentially stuck in the plumbing there are specific ways to remove it. Because the freshener is a solid item, using chemical cleaners will not work most times. Manually removing the item by grabbing it by hand or through tools is needed. In the worst case scenario, the whole toilet will need to be removed and accessing the plumbing lines will be needed. The general process of removing toilet deodorisers from a toilet follows:


The first step in removing the toilet deodoriser clog is to prepare the area and for future steps. Start by placing towels or rugs around the base of the toilet to ensure that if water splashes out of the bowl it will not go everywhere. If the toilet overflows the towels can also ensure the wastewater does not spill everywhere. It is strongly recommended to wear long protective gloves as reaching down the toilet is often needed.

Turn Off the Water Supply

The water supply valve of the toilet is often at the bottom and will attach to the water valve of the bathroom. The valve will have a little knob so that it can be turned and for the water supply to be shut off. Do this to ensure that no new water comes into the toilet when trying to remove the toilet freshener. 

Find Toilet Flapper

Within the toilet tank there should be a toilet flapper that is a rubber pad. This part will open when water needs to enter the toilet bowl when flushing is required. When trying to remove the clog and if water fills up into the water bowl, force the flapper to close with your fingers to ensure water does not come into the bowl. 


After preparing for the unclogging process gather the needed tools to remove the air freshener from the toilet. An auger, plumber’s snake and a wet and dry vacuum are some tools to remove the clog.

Reaching for Toilet Freshener

The first step to remove the toilet deodoriser is to reach down and try to grab it by hand. Sometimes the item can become stuck close to the surface and can be easily grabbable by hand. Make sure that the water is clean and the extra long gloves are worn. Removing the freshener by hand is the easiest step but if the object is too far down then other steps can be used.

Wet and Dry Vacuum

When the toilet water is clean, sucking up the water then inserting it into the toilet to try and suck up the freshener is a method. It is better for the pipes if the toilet deodoriser is removed from the toilet instead of flushed down the system in case it becomes stuck further along the pipework. This method tries to suck up the toilet freshener and ensure the drain blockage can be dealt with quickly. 

Auger or Plumber’s Snake

These tools involve winding it down the toilet drain to dislodge the toilet deodoriser and properly push it down the drain. The drain snake and auger can be purchased from hardware stores and are also useful for other types of blocked plumbing problems. These are able to deal with the object when they are further down the plumbing and sewer line causing the blocked plumbing issue. Carefully wind the tool down into the toilet and push the content until it freely and smoothly goes down the drain.

Professional Blocked Drain Plumber

When these methods do not work or when wanting a professional to deal with the blockage it is highly recommended that a plumber handles the situation. They will be trained in handling blockages and will be able to resolve the clog from the toilet deodoriser. Using highly skilled and efficient methods, the plumber will ensure the object can be easily retrieved or pushed down the plumbing. 

What are Other Alternatives to Toilet Deodorisers?

It is strongly recommended that toilet freshener drops are used instead of over the edge models. They are easy to use and can be more effective at keeping the toilet fresh over traditional models. Another main benefit of using toilet deodoriser drops is that the chance of blockages to concur with the drainage system is removed. The chance the physical freshener falls into the toilet and clogs the system is not involved with the drops.

Professional Plumbers Unblocking Toilets

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help with toilet blocked drains due to toilet deodorisers. Each Emergency Plumber operates efficiently and makes sure that the toilet freshener is removed from the plumbing safely. Our fully qualified plumbers are here for all of Sydney, including Inner West and Sutherland Shire, to perform any plumbing service. For the best plumbers to help with toilet issues and problems – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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