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What Damage Can Be Caused By Blocked Gutters?

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A blocked gutter is an issue which should not be neglected because problems might need help from an emergency plumber. Gutters are often ignored with their maintenance but having them blocked for long periods of time can be costly. Optimised Plumbing Services encourages that our Emergency Plumber services are contacted when blocked gutters are known. Our team can work across all of Sydney and unlock all clogged gutters with ease. 

The damages which a blocked gutter can cause can include structural damage with excess water ruining the building’s foundations. Additionally, inside the building, the water can damage electrical appliances, furniture, walls, floors and ceilings. Moreover, with excess water building up, pests can be attracted and infest the area as well.

Damages Caused by Blocked Gutters

Structural Damage 

With blocked gutters trapping water from successfully travelling through the drainage system the water has to travel somewhere. This is when the excess water will find cracks and other areas which would not want to receive water. The structure of a building is a place which is not designed to collect large amounts of water. Therefore, when the water overflows and enters the foundation of the building then cracks can form. Also, as the foundation of the building becomes damaged the overall structure becomes weakened and is expensive to repair. 

Moreover, if a home is built with wooden components to hold the gutters, or fascia boards, these can become ruined. Fascia boards cannot handle a large and excessive amount of water and can experience water damage. This means that the boards can start to deteriorate and rot if left untreated. Signs of damaged fascia boards can be paint cracking or peeling.

Damage Inside the Building

The excess water caused by a blocked gutter can easily enter the building and cause other complications. Water which travels through the ceiling and drips inside the building can cause damage to furniture and electrical appliances. Moreover, walls, ceilings and doors that are exposed to large amounts of water can cause issues.

The doors and door frames can easily warp meaning that they swell up and are more difficult to close. Additionally, puddles of water might develop on the floor, and paint cracking and mould appearing on the ceiling or walls. 

When it has been identified that water has leaked through the ceiling, read our blog to know what to do. 


With the excess water developing because of the blocked gutter, this can attract pests, insects and parasites. These moist conditions might bring these creatures which can carry diseases with them. Furthermore, they might breed which can be extremely unhealthy for the people in the building. Termites might also be attracted to the water buildup which can cause structural damage through them ruining the wood. 

Ways to Unblock Gutters

when noticed that there is debris within the gutter there are some methods to have it cleaned. Most involve using a ladder of some kind and scrapping out the debris ensuring the gutters are no longer blocked. 

  • Scooping and Dropping – the easiest and fastest way to have debris out of the gutter is by scooping it. Through hands or some type of equipment, the debris is thrown on a tarp or cloth on the ground. This method is easy and the content can be easily thrown away into the bin.  
  • Gutter Bucket – a bucket can be used and clipped onto the gutter so scooping the debris does not involve throwing onto the ground. The bucket which is attached to the edge of the gutter can be moved along easily. Moreover, the debris goes straight into the bucket, however, emptying the bucket can be frequent.  
  • Gutter Bag – similarly to the previous method, this involves having a bucket on the edge of the gutter with a bag on the bottom of the bucket. Through the bucket having no bottom, the debris goes straight from the gutter, through the bucket and into the bag. This method is good for when the debris, such as laves, are dry.

Ways to Prevent Blocked Gutters

There are many actions to take to have the issue of a blocked gutter prevented and are easy to perform. 

  • Inspect Gutters Monthly – every month simply taking a quick look to see if all the gutters are cleared can help. This is because if a blocked gutter has developed knowing about it earlier than later is important.
  • Trim Vegetation – all types of vegetation, such as trees, which are close to the roof should be maintained. Around 2.5m is the recommended distance for vegetation to be from gutters to help prevent blockage issues. 
  • Install Debris Protection Systems – there are many systems which can be installed onto the gutter which are designed to catch leaves and other debris. 
  • Replace Current Gutter System – if the gutter system is older or experience multiple issues the chance of a new gutter system might be needed. Doing this can help with preventing future blocked gutters as the current, damaged one might not be working properly. Installing a new, working one will save more money than in the future when structural and other damages occur. 

Reliable Plumbers with Gutter Issues

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help all of Sydney when they experience any type of blocked gutter concern. Our emergency plumbers are available to work 24/7 and help with properly cleaning our gutters. Our professionals will arrive on time and efficient work to clear out all debris from the gutters. We encourage our services as we work affordable, effectively and skillfully to ensure gutters are unblocked. 

Moreover, each plumber is fully licensed, follows all rules and regulations with gutters and can work in all places. Furthermore, each plumber is available to work across all of Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney and South Western Sydney. Also, our plumbers are specialist when it comes to Blocked Drain issues and are available to work anywhere as well.

For all blocked gutter dilemmas – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475 or email us at

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