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Why Are My Drains Gurgling?

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Several problems affect drains in residential and commercial spaces. These issues each have unique factors triggering their development. But all can be prevented and fixed by an Sydney emergency plumber who is an expert in drain repairs.

Numerous reasons are behind gurgling in drains, the majority of these issues originate from blocked drains and pipes. All are equally damaging when not resolved in the soonest time possible. In this article, we will discuss factors contributing to a gurgling drain and do-it-yourself solutions to this plumbing issue. DIY solutions include ways to clean the plumbing vents.

Reasons Behind Drains Gurgling

It may seem like the drain is burping. However, gurgling in drains signal a more complex problem. Several causes could trigger this plumbing problem. All present themselves differently from one another but are too serious to ignore. These are the common factors that come into play when gurgling occurs in drains. Blocked drains – A clogged drain is the most common reason for gurgling in drains. It is also important to identify whether it is a complete or partial blockage. A slow drain is one of the prominent signs of a partially blocked drain. When this sign presents, it is usually a sign that gurgling will follow after, if it has yet to happen. For completely clogged drains, it happens when the water can no longer pass through the drains. A complete blockage is the result of the accumulation of the following:

  1. Hair 
  2. Dead skin
  3. Dirt
  4. Toilet paper
  5. Oil or grease

Blocked sewer line – Wastewater passes through the sewer line regularly. The sewer line is responsible for draining them out of the property into the main sewer. A blocked sewer line may be a problem for those experiencing multiple blockages inside the house or commercial space. Tree roots, bathroom products and damaged pipes are usual factors behind this issue. Due to the important role of the sewer line in keeping the property clean, it is best to keep it clean at all times. It means never flushing any object down the toilet except for toilet paper.Blocked vent system – Air passes through the sewer or drain through the plumbing vent. This vent system works by putting air behind the water flow. This mechanism is similar to how water is poured out of a bottle. When there is a blocked vent system, it usually presents with a gurgling drain, slow draining of water drains and a bad odour coming from the drain.Damaged or blocked P-Trap – The P-trap removes foul odours from the property by creating a seal to prevent sewer gas from coming out of the drains. It is a piece of curved pipe that holds a small amount of water. If this P-Trap is responsible for gurgling, property owners can smell a foul odour coming from the drains.

Steps to Fix a Gurgling Drain

It is still best that a blocked drain specialist take a look at the drain. However, we are all only humans and we realise that  there are instances where homeowners can no longer wait to have their drains cleaned. Here are some recommendations from our blocked drain repair team:

  1. Check the sink vents – A gurgling sound out of the drain only means a clogged sink vent. For those with a 1.5-inch drainage pipe, the vent should be fitted 3.5 feet from the lower part of the trap. This positioning ensures there is no vacuum inside the vents.
  2. Check the air admittance valve – The air admittance valve is commonly found underneath the sink. It is pressure-activated and is common in plumbing systems. It contributes to the gurgling sound due to it being trapped or immovable. It could also be due to a clogged air admittance valve.
  3. Check for clogging in the drain pipes – A blocked drain does not receive sufficient air, thus water drains at low speed. The first thing to do is to clean the P-Trap. Cleaning it requires disassembling it and draining its contents into a bucket. With the use of pliers, remove the coupling nuts attaching the trap to the tailpiece of the sink and the adjacent wall fitting.
  4. Check for external waste in sink vents – Vents are found outside the building and their location makes them a magnet for external waste like dried leaves and branches. There are cases where cleaning the external vents eliminates the gurgling sound in the drain.
  5. Flush the sink – For some cases, a proper flush in the sink drain is all it takes to remove the gurgling sound. This approach ensures that anything stuck inside the drain pipes goes towards the main sewer pipe. Flushing the sink, as well as the toilet, is done by excessively running water into the drain to remove the blockage. This excessive water pushes the waste out of the drain pipes into the sewage pipes.
  6. Troubleshoot the main vent – Blocked central vents cause the gurgling sound in sinks and when flushing the toilet. Cleaning the central vent helps regain the strong vacuum needed to drain the trap. Our blocked drain specialists also recommend cleaning the central vent in the roof.

When there’s still a gurgling sound or a clogged drain after doing these steps, it is time to reach out to an expert. A blocked drain specialist has the experience and skills to help identify and repair factors behind the gurgling sound.

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