Blocked Toilet - What To Do?

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A blocked toilet is an issue that can be easily resolved by using effective and reliable techniques. Simple plumbing tools utilising specific formulas can help with quickly and efficiently clearing a toilet blockage. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we are experts at clearing any type of Blocked Drain including a clogged toilet. When needing a plumber to unclog the toilet or provide useful tips we are here at all times.

The best ways to clear a blocked toilet are:

  • Using a plunger with a flange
  • Mixing and pouring baking soda and vinegar down the toilet
  • Combining hot water with dish soap over baking soda and vinegar
  • Utilising a plumber’s snake tool to release clogs


How Do I Unblock a Toilet?

It is important to wear rubber gloves or protective gloves during the process of unclogging a blocked toilet. Having towels around the toilet and items to clean any water splashes is also advised. It is also advised to not use the wire coat hanger method which can be used to clear other blockages as it can easily scratch the toilet. 


A plunger is extremely effective when it comes to properly unblocking the toilet. The plunger should have a flange as they are best suited for unblocking toilets. It is highly recommended that each household has a plunger to ensure if there is a blocked toilet it can be easily fixed.

The most effective way to utilise a plunger in order to unclog a toilet is:

  1. Place the plunger inside the toilet bowl and gently push the plunger down
  2. The first push is focused at removing any air in the toilet bowl, make sure to not forcefully push the plunger
  3. When the air has escaped and there is a good seal plunge the toilet through simple up and down movements 
  4. Perform a quick up movement to break the air seal and so the water rushes down into the toilet

If this method of using a plunger did not work then try the same procedures a few times. If the clog has not loosened after a few attempts of using the plunger then other methods should be tested.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is a natural way to clear a blocked toilet issue when the plunger option does not work. Vinegar and baking soda are used during these methods and will help dissolve any clogs. At the same time, this combination will also help with cleaning the toilet drain and pipes. 

To use baking soda and vinegar effectively in clearing a blockage inside a toilet follow these steps:

  1. Pour one cup of baking soda down the toilet and wait five minutes
  2. Slowly pour two cups of vinegar into the toilet and bubbles will often form from the two mixing
  3. After two minutes flush the toilet and if the toilet makes a fast suction noise then the method has been successful

Perform the process a few times until the toilet properly flushes to help remove the clog. If this method was unsuccessful then the next method is a good alternative or utilising a physical tool over mixtures way be needed. 

Hot Water and Soap

Hot water and dish soap is a budget option and also an effective way to handle a blocked toilet. This process is simple and can be reliable in clearing a blockage inside toilets with little equipment.

The best way to use hot water and soap in unblocking a toilet is to:

  1. Heat up around four litres of water and at the same time pour dish soap into the toilet while the water is heating up
  2. Make sure to not have the water boiling but just hot and pour it down the toilet
  3. Wait around 10 – 15 minutes for the soap to react with the hot water and relax any blockages
  4. Flush the toilet to see if the clog has been correctly dealt with and if it flushes properly then it has been successful

If the method of hot water and soap did not work then a tool is the best way to clear the blockage. This method is also a great starter to unblock a toilet as it will relax any contents inside the toilet. 

Plumber’s Snake

A plumber’s snake is a type of tool which is used in clearing all types of blockages. It can also be called an auger and it is extremely useful for blockages that are further down the toilet bowl. 

To effectively use a plumber’s snake in clearing a blockage toilet is to:

  1. Have the end of the plumber’s snake inserted into the toilet bowl so it points down towards the drain
  2. Turn the handle on the tool to push and extend the tool further inside the toilet
  3. When there is resistance felt then a blockage is often there and so stop turning the handle
  4. Push the toilet snake back and forward a few times to let the cable crack inside the blockage
  5. Once the blockage has been grabbed then wind the handle and bring the clog back up from the toilet 
  6. Test if the plumbing snake has removed all the clog by flushing and seeing if the water drains correctly.

What Happens if I Cannot Unblock the Toilet?

Optimised Plumbing Services is here for Sydney when a blocked toilet is present. Our Emergency Plumber team is here at all times for us to perform toilet services, including clearing blockages. Each fully qualified plumber has the tools to clear a small amount of toilet paper to large scaled toilet blockages. 

We work across all of Sydney to clear toilet blockages, including Inner West, South Sydney and North Shore. Our team encourages reading our blog ‘how do I check a leaking toilet’ if this issue has occurred.

When needing to call a plumber and professionally clear a blocked toilet – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services!

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