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When Do I Need To Call An Emergency Plumber?

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When something goes wrong or unplanned for with your plumbing it can be difficult and confusing to know if it is an emergency or not. There are numerous factors/ criterias which a plumber should be called, as well as, if the problem would be called an emergency. Likewise, knowing who to contact and if the time is right is also tough to consider. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services we provide 24hr emergency plumber services for the whole of Sydney. We can attend to all issues and are a reliable contact to have saved for when you need immediate action on a plumbing emergency.

There are numerous plumbing issues which can arise that need quick attention to be solved. These problems can range from no hot water being available to flooding caused by burst pipes. Moreover, a gas leak or water leak can be an issue, as well as blocked drains can cause serious difficulties. It is important that you have planned contacts and steps to combat the emergency to make certain there is as little damage as possible.

Exact cases which require an emergency plumber to be called out

These problems can occur at any time of the day and on any day of the week. As they are unplanned and the effect can be negative, it is important that you call an emergency plumber. Here are the more common plumbing emergencies that require calling a 24 hour plumber:

There are numerous different possibilities that could have resulted in your hot water systems not working properly. Having no hot water stops warm showers, dishwashers working properly, no warm wash for clothes and so on. Depending on its type, like gas or electric, as well as the specific parts will see how an emergency plumber can work.

Worse than having no hot water is having no water to use at all. Water is one of the most important things a person needs in their home/life. The issue could be from the water supplier. But more than likely they send a notice. Therefore, when you see that you have no access to water with any appliances this is not good. So, definitely calling an emergency plumber is strongly advised.

This particular problem can quickly escalate into terrible conditions. Importantly, the main concern is that flooding will happen as water will rush from the pipes. The pipes might burst because of age or faulty installation/ maintenance. Also, unwanted impact or low-quality service can cause burst pipes. Evidently, an emergency plumber should be called immediately. This is to stop a lot of water from going everywhere.

Similar to burst pipes, a flooding toilet can be as severe because water can quickly rush out and flood your place. As a result from either sewage backup, the tank malfunctioning or blockage, the toilet can overflow. So, before your whole area becomes flooded with toilet water, contact the emergency plumber right away.

The presence of a gas leak is extremely dangerous and immediate attention is really encouraged. Smelling gas or thinking there is a leak should result in a call straight away. When awaiting for the emergency plumber, opening all doors and windows, turning off electricity and never exposing flames is highly recommended and safe.

Likewise, water leaking from anywhere is also noticeably terrible as it can cause flooding. Staring off small, the leakage can, yet, transition to torrents of water leaking out. As a result, water is wasted and flooding will probably occur in your space. Similarly while waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive, turning off the main tap is strongly advised.

Blocked Drain presence can lead to both the appliance not being used, as well as, sewage and other waste going up the drain not down. It is unhygienic and not particularly pleasant when you see sewage system backup occurring within your home or work. A blocked drain can be caused from multiple items, like grease, food and hair, clogging up in the drains/pipes. Additionally, sewage backup can be caused from clogged sewer lines, and also the chance that your septic tank is really full. Whatever the issue is, an emergency plumber should be called straight away as these dilemmas are unwanted, unhealthy and unhygienic.

General tips and rules when waiting for your emergency plumber

It is important that when you suspect a plumbing emergency in your place that certain actions should occur. Here is what we recommend what to do when waiting for your plumber to arrive:

  • Turn off electricity – if the problem is with flooding of your home, it is extremely safe and recommended to turn off the electricity. This is because if water mixes with power outlets and alike, a blaze/ fire might start. Also, do not touch water that has been in contact with any electrical devices/ appliances. 
  • Turn off the main water valve – if leaking and/or flooding is the issue, turning off the water can stop hazards and problems. Such as wasted water or flooding can also be prevented. If there is access to turn off the main water supply, do so until the tradesmen arrives.
  • Turn off gas – any problems with the water heater occurs and the smell of gas is present, immediately turn off the gas. Gas levels increasing can cause explosions from even clothes making static electricity. Move away from the premises, call help and wait for the plumber and emergency crew to arrive. 

Trusted late night plumbers available 24/7 in all of Sydney

Wondering who to call when you suspect a plumbing emergency, Optimised Plumbing Services is the best option. Our fully qualified team of emergency plumbers can work in all environments and at all locations. Trust us when we say our professionalism makes us one of the best plumbing services in all of Sydney. Because we follow exactly the Standards Australia Plumbing and Drainage requirements which also means we are certified to work all jobs. 

Do not wait around when you suspect a plumbing emergency – call us on 02 8074 1475 or email us at We will be there in a flash and will know exactly how to tackle and resolve your plumbing dilema.

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