How To Unblock A Hair Blocked Drain?

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To deal with a hair blocked drain there are many natural and simple ways to remove the hair clog. From utilising baking soda to boiling water, hair drain blockages can be easily dealt with using effective methods. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Blocked Drain plumbers are here to help deal with hair blocked drain problems and other types of clogged drains. 

The best way to naturally deal with a hair blocked drain is to:

  • Pour one cup of baking soda down the drain then one cup of vinegar into the shower drain
  • The baking soda and vinegar will react and after five minutes pour one litre of water into the drain
  • Repeat the process until the hair has dissolved from the shower drain


How Do I Unblock a Hair Blocked Drain?

Using natural methods to handle a hair blocked drain is beneficial to prevent damages to the pipes and drains. Chemical drain cleaners if used may also be harmful to the environment which is why natural methods are preferred. When hair clogs your drains body oils and soap scum can also clog shower drains. Natural methods will be able to remove most hair blockages and will not cost a large amount of money or be too time consuming.

Baking Soda with Vinegar

The main materials to unblock a shower drain properly from hair are baking soda, vinegar and hot water. To effectively clear the hair blocked drain follow these steps:

  1. Measure a cup of baking soda then carefully pour it into the shower drain. Follow this up by pouring a cup of vinegar for the two to cause a chemical reaction.
  2. Once the two drain cleaning solutions have been poured into the drain and are reacting, leave the solutions for five to ten minutes. 
  3. After five to ten minutes of the baking soda and vinegar reacting, pour one litre of hot water into the shower drain.
  4. Repeat these steps as many times as needed to have the hair blockage correctly removed.
  5. If the hair blocked drain was not properly dealt with then adding half a cup of salt and one cup of baking soda to sit overnight can work. In the morning pour two litres of boiling water into the drain to clear the hair clogs. 

Wire Hanger Method

Another method to deal with a hair blocked drain is to utilise a wire hanger to grab the blockage. If the hair has built up towards the surface then it may be more effective to simply grab it and remove it from the drainage. The best way to use a wire hanger to clear a hair blocked drain is to:

  1. Mould the coat hanger to be long and have a hook at the end designed to reach far down and grab the hair.
  2. Maneuver the wire hanger to grab the hair and pull it out of the shower drain.
  3. Once the hair has been removed from the drain using the wire coat hanger the option to utilise the above method can occur to ensure all hair has been cleared from the shower drain. 

How Does Hair Blocked Drains?

Hair is one of the most common blockages for shower drains and can quickly cause a major blockage. Short and long hair can build up inside of the drain, sticking to the inside of the pipes and not moving. Hair will also cause body oil, soap and other deposits to catch onto it and create larger blockages. Masses of hair and other items will disrupt the water flow and a blocked drain will form.

Soap scum is another major cause for shower blockages and we highly recommend reading our blog to know how to deal with the issue. 

How to Prevent a Hair Blocked Drain?

There are certain ways to prevent a hair blocked drain and ensure the shower drain does not become clogged. A drain strainer can be installed to catch hair before it enters the shower drain. They are designed similar to sink strainers and will ensure as little hair can enter the drain as possible. Strainers are easy to install, are cheap to purchase and using them to stop hair from entering the shower drain is simple. 

Professional Plumbers Resolving Hair Blocked Drains

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to deal with any hair blocked drain issue across Sydney. Our fully qualified plumbers will resolve hair blockages effectively and perform the performance in swift times. We are also professionals at handling all other types of blocked drains within any drainage system. Our plumbers will ensure that the clog is properly removed from the drain and perform the service safely and efficiently.

We offer our blockage removal services to all of Sydney, including Sutherland Shire, Northern Beaches and North Shore. Our Emergency Plumber team is here at all hours of the day to ensure that any plumbing emergency can be resolved professionally. 

For the best hair blocked drain services and plumbers – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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