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Electric Eel Drain Cleaning Plumbing – How Does It Work?

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The Electric Eel plumbing tool is used for handling blockages and blocked drains inside plumbing systems. The drain snake will enter blocked pipes and drainage to cut through clogs unblocking drains. From a blocked sewer pipe to wastewater systems. The plumber’s snake will be used as one technique to handle blockages depending on the type of clog. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Blocked Drain emergency plumbing services have us using electric eel plumbing and other techniques to clear blockages. 

An electric eel plumbing tool works by feeding it into drains and pipes and cutting away at the blockage. A plumber will direct the coiled wire into the system while turning the tool to cut along the diameter of the pipe. All clogs and foreign objects when the snake drain cleaning equipment makes contact with them will break.

What is an Electric Eel Plumbing Tool?

An electric eel plumbing tool is used to break through blockages within plumbing systems and lines. The tool is connected on a long metallic cable that has an auger or uncoiled spring that is attached to the end of the line. On the other side of the tool is a handle which the plumber uses to wind the tool into the plumbing. 

If the tool is electric then it will be connected to a motor where the plumber will use it to feed the line down the pipe. The end auger is designed similar to a drill bit or corkscrew and most electric eels are 15m to 20m in length for residential use.


How is an Eel Drain Plumbing Tool Used to Deal with a Blocked Drain?

Using an electric eel plumbing tool is one technique to clear blockages inside plumbing pipes and drains. The main steps for using the electric eel plumbing tool are:

  1. Perform a CCTV drain inspection to understand what problems and clogs are inside of the pipes. The drain camera will be fed into the pipes by the plumber for a live video of the drainage. Knowing how deep the blockage is, what is clogging the system and how severe the blockage is will help with effectively clearing the problem. 
  2. The plumber will then feed the plumbing snake into the drain opening slowly and slowly cut through the blockage. Depending on the type of blockage and what type of plumbing system the process can take minutes to hours. Either turning the handle or most times using the motor the snake will be guided through the pipe.
  3. Using the sharp blades any clogs inside the system will be cut and either pushed down the plumbing or brought back up to the surface. From hair to food blockages, the electric eel plumbing tool will ensure most clogs are removed from the plumbing.


Why Should an Electric Eel Plumbing Tool be Used for Drain Cleaning?

The main reasons why a plumber will use the electric eel plumbing tool are:

  • The electric eel drain cleaner contains sharp blades or end points specifically designed to cut through plumbing blockages.
  • This type of tool will completely remove or greatly weaken clogs inside drainage systems. Cutting holes, breaking apart and clearing blockages allows the clog to completely disappear or assist with further blocked drain techniques. 
  • The design of the electric eel snake allows for it to be used outside or inside on different plumbing systems. From the kitchen sink, toilet to sewage drains there are different models, types and sizes for different pipe networks. 
  • Electric eel drain cleaners are greatly effective at dealing with sewage, toilet, bathroom and kitchen blockages. This is because it can cut through the types of contents that usually block these drains easily. The tool will also be used if there is a build up of water as it can feed through where other methods will not be as effective.


What Other Methods are used to Clear Blockages?

Alongside electric eel plumbing techniques, water jetting techniques are great at handling blockages inside drains. This involves using a high pressure water jet to force blockages down the drain that have become stuck. At times the combination of electric eel tools and a high pressure water jetter will be used to guarantee the clog is removed from the drain. The auger will cut through the blockages and the hydro jet will ensure any leftover blockages are removed from the plumbing. 

Tree roots can also cause issues for plumbing and cause blockages, for more information on how tree roots are dealt with we encourage reading our blog.


Expert Blocked Drain Plumbers for Sydney

Optimised Plumbing Services is here with our experienced blocked drain plumbers with their Electric Eel Drain Cleaners to combat any clog in Sydney. Each fully qualified plumber will utilise the best technique to deal with the blockage, from an electric eel plumbing tool to hydro jetting techniques. Our plumbers arrive on time, operate safely and make certain to leave the job knowing the blockage has been professionally dealt with. 

We offer our blocked drain services to each local of Sydney, including Eastern Suburbs and South Sydney. Our Emergency Plumber team are here to work on any plumbing emergency at any time, from hot water systems to shower repairs

For the best plumbers to work on blocked drain services – trust Optimised Plumbing Services at all times!

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