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How Much Does it Cost To Replace A Hot Water System?

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A hot water system replacement will cost different amounts depending on what is involved. From what type of hot water system is installed to the plumber rates, replacing the hot water system will cost differently for each person. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer professional hot water system repairs and installation services along with replacement services. Our plumbers will perform reliable hot water system installation, repairs and replacement work on all systems across Sydney. Get in contact to learn how much it costs to replace your hot water system.

The average price of a hot water system replacement in Australia is $200-$600 but will vary for each person. The plumber’s working rates, type of hot water unit, delivery of the hot water heater, disposal of the old unit and installing the system will influence the price.

What Influences the Cost of a Hot Water System Replacement?

There are multiple factors to consider when entering a hot water system replacement plan. The price of the replacement will be different for every single person as various factors can greatly affect the price. 

Type of Hot Water System

Hot Water System Cost About
Electric Hot Water Systems $450-$1900 These systems will utilise electricity to power the system and create hot water. Electricity models come in both tank-based and also tankless models. They are often the same price as gas hot water units but may cost more when running as electricity often costs more than natural gas.
Gas Hot Water Systems $750-$1800 Using natural gas is how these hot water systems heat up water for the house. Similar to electric models, they come in tankless and storage tank models while are similar in initially purchasing the unit. Natural gas often costs less than electricity so this hot water system will be slightly cheaper. 
Solar Hot Water Systems $3600-$6000+ Solar powered hot water systems are highly energy efficient and cost little to run. They are mostly installed on the roof to provide a continuous flow of hot water. They cost more to purchase and install but the costs of running solar powered hot water units will cost much less than gas and electricity
Heat Pump $3300-$4600 Heat pumps grab the heat from the air to heat up the water and are extremely energy efficient. The downside of heat pumps is that they are expensive to install and purchase. 

To know more about the different types of hot water systems we encourage reading our blog that provides further details. 

Switching Type of Hot Water Unit

If the new hot water system that is being installed is the same as the previous one, such as both using electricity to run, then it will not be too much of a problem to install. When the new system will run on different power and be a different model, such as gas to electric, then it will cost more. 

Additional work will need to be included in the hot water installation process. For example, new gas lines and gas fittings will need to be removed if an electric system is installed and new electrical lines will need to be installed. 

Delivery Costs

It is important to not neglect the cost of delivering the new hot water system to the home. Larger, heavier and more bulky systems will need more people and resources to deliver. Removing the system from the delivery truck and the location of the home will add to the price of the hot water system replacement job. 

Installation and Labour Costs

The process of installing the hot water unit and the type of plumber will influence the price of the replacement task. A licensed plumber will charge different prices depending on how difficult the job is, the time spent and other reasons. How long the installation and replacement is will impact the overall cost of the service. The amount of labour involved and whether multiple materials are needed will influence the price as well. 

If wondering how to choose a good plumber we recommend reading our blog that offers useful tips. 

Disposing of Old Hot Water System

Another factor with hot water system replacement tasks is the removal of the old system. Most plumbers will not charge extra for removing the system but extra might be needed for disposing of the old system. Most times the cost of disposing of the old hot water system is not large but should still be considered when planning. 

Reliable Hot Water System Replacement Services

Optimised Plumbing Services offers trusted hot water replacement services to the locals of Sydney. Our hot water specialist plumbers are all fully qualified and will be able to replace any type of hot water system. We will be able to perform other hot water services, including hot water repairs and installation jobs. As we offer Emergency Plumber services as well we can send a reliable emergency hot water plumber to work on the system at any time.

We will operate on hot water systems, including replacing them, in any suburb, including North Shore and South Sydney. Our team is also expert at handling Blocked Drain issues with any type of plumbing system.

For the most trusted hot water system replacement services in Sydney – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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