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Signs For When You Should Replace Your Old Plumbing

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Looking for signs that suggest the old plumbing should be replaced is important. Inspecting the old plumbing for potential issues will help to determine if repairs or completely replacing the systems is needed. A plumber is encouraged to inspect the home’s plumbing especially if the home is older to see if there are any issues that need addressing. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will perform old plumbing replacement and repair services for the locals of Sydney. 

The main signs that old plumbing need to be replaced are:

  • Discoloured water
  • Material of pipes
  • Low water pressure
  • Assessing exposed plumbing

What are Signs that Old Plumbing Should be Replaced?

The main signs to look out for that indicate old plumbing should be replaced with new plumbing are:

Discoloured Water

Living in a rural area, using well water or when a boil order is in place are often the main reasons when discoloured water is expected. If the water of the home is brown or discoloured then this is of concern and there is an underlying issue with the plumbing system. Discoloured water often occurs from rust, corrosion or sediment within the pipes causing the water to flow within the pipe to change colour. 

If these are left inside of the pipe then it can become blocked or fall apart and can lead to other major plumbing issues, such as a burst pipe. When the water has changed colour then the pipes may be old or damaged and will often need to be replaced.

Material of Pipes

The material of the pipes of the home will often hint at if the pipes are old or need replacing. Modern pipes are made of PVC, copper or brass while in older homes lead, cast iron and galvanised steel were used. If the home’s pipes are of the older materials then they might be in need of replacement as they are more likely to be worn out. Regardless of the material though all pipes have a lifespan:

Type of PipesAverage Lifespan (years)
Supply Pipes – Brass40 to 70
Supply Pipes – Copper50+
Supply Pipes – Galvanised Steel20 to 50
Drain Lines – Cast Iron75 to 100
Drain Lines – PVC100+

If the home is older then having a plumber inspect the pipes to see if they are still in good condition is encouraged. Also, for many pipes preventive measures are important, such as pipe relining, to have the pipes working healthily for the longest time possible. If lead pipes are installed in the home then it is highly recommended that they are replaced as if the lead enters the water and into the home then consumed it can be dangerous. 

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in the shower, sink or other plumbing systems can be from a wide range of problems. From a Blocked Drain to leaks within the pipe, issues that cause water pressure might also suggest the old plumbing needs replacing. When the water pressure is low then the underlying issue, for example the leaks, can also lead to other problems, including mould growth from the leaking water. A plumber should inspect the plumbing system to determine what will be the best solution, either a repair or a replacement. 

Any Exposed Plumbing

Using exposed plumbing as a guideline to determine if the old plumbing needs replacing is a good idea. Older homes, often older than 60 years, will have plumbing exposed often in the basement or hidden areas. Looking at the condition of the pipes will help determine if they are in good or bad condition. If they are discoloured, flaky, bumpy, have holes in them or have any other concerns then they might need to be replaced. 

If there are pools of water near or under these pipes or if the exposed pipes have signs of moisture then the pipes may be corroded or are not sealed correctly. The pipes might not have to be replaced in this case but a plumber should still try to repair the issue. 

To know more about other common plumbing problems in older homes then our blog is the best place to go!

Trusted Emergency Plumbers Working with Old Plumbing

Optimised Plumbing Services and our skilled fully qualified plumbers are the best at inspecting, repairing and replacing old plumbing in Sydney. We look for the issue first efficiently then decide if repairs or replacements are the best options to take. No matter the service, when working with old plumbing and all other types of plumbing we utilise effective techniques and professional methods. 

We offer our old plumbing replacement and repair services, along with all our other work including gas fitting and hot water repairs, to all of Sydney, including Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches. For professional, experienced and expert plumbers to work with old plumbing – contact Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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