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Signs Your Water Heater Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

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There are many signs that indicate that hot water heater repairs and replacement work needs to be done. The hot water heater is an important system for the home so when the system starts to wear out noticeable signs develop. Having a hot water heater repair and replacement service ensures the home can have efficient hot water reliably. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will perform hot water heater repairs and replacement services for any local of Sydney. 

Signs that lead towards the need for hot water repairs and replacement are:

  • Older hot water unit 
  • Tank leaking
  • Cold or warm water
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Noisy water tank
  • Drain valve not working
  • Need for more hot water
  • Metallic taste or smell
  • Decreased efficiency
  • Needing frequent repairs

What are Signs that the Water Heater Needs Repairs or Replacing?

The main signs that indicate the hot water heater need to be replaced or be repaired are:

Older Hot Water Unit

The age of the hot water system can help decide if the system will need maintenance or be replaced. Depending on how well maintained the system has been during its lifespan will depend on how long it will last. Most hot water heaters will last from 8 to 12 years so if the system has been working for this amount of time it may need to be checked for if it needs replacing. If the system uses hard water and also the more people relying on the system will also influence how long the system will last. 

Tank Leaking

When there is a leak in the hot water system then this is a major problem not to overlook. Standing water around the appliance or if there is a visible leak then it will often mean the unit needs replacing. A leaking tank is often unfixable and it will be much more cost effective to replace it. Before replacing the system, looking to see if the leak is from somewhere else, such as the ceiling or from other plumbing connections, and not the system is important to ensure the system is replaced only if needed. 

Cold or Warm Water

If there is no hot water or the water is only warm then the water heater might not be functioning correctly. The thermostat might need adjusting, repairing or replacing as this is often the cause for the temperature differences. If the thermostat is not the issue then this is a sign that the system is failing and might need to be replaced. 

Corrosion and Rust

If rust comes out of the tap then this may be due to rust and corrosion forming inside of the hot water unit. Rust and corrosion can damage parts of the hot water system and can lead to the whole system being damaged. If there is rust in the system then it means the unit should be replaced. Rust present in the hot water heater can also mean other plumbing systems and appliances can become damaged because the rust flows within them as well. 

Noisy Water Tank

When there are sounds coming from the hot water system especially when the water is being heated then the system might be wearing out. The rumbling or banging noises are often caused by sediment build up corroding the system and causing the unit to work harder. A continuous sound can also be from a leak within the hot water system. Sounds from the hot water system should mean it needs repairs or be replaced.

Drain Valve Not Working Properly

Sediment can build up inside of the tank and especially on the bottom which can mean it can break down the tank’s interior. The drain valve then can easily become clogged and water will not be able to flow reliably inside the system. Repairing or replacing the drain valve will help but most times replacing the whole system as the sediment build up could have also caused additional problems. 

Need for More Hot Water

If the hot water demand has increased, such as more people living in the home or there are more appliances, then the system might need to be replaced. Having a larger and more efficient system will allow the hot water to properly be used around the home. 

Metallic Taste and Smell

If the water at home tastes or smells metallic then this means the water heater system is wearing down. Corrosion from the inside is the main cause for why this happens, as well as rust or damage to the heating elements. It is important to have the issue inspected as soon as possible because this issue is harmful to people’s health. 

Decreased Efficiency

The efficiency of the system may be negatively impacted by hidden issues which cause the energy bill to increase. With the system needing more energy to function correctly, it will heat water using more energy than it normally should. A repair to fix the problem or replacing the unit will help with ensuring the energy bill does not rise. 

Needing Frequent Repair

When the hot water system repairs frequently then it will often be worn out and damaged. The most cost effective action to do is to have the old system replaced with a new one. Constantly repairing the unit will cost more than purchasing an efficient and new hot water heater.

Trusted Hot Water Heater Repairs and Replacement

Optimised Plumbing Services is here when people need hot water heater repairs and replacement services in Sydney. Our fully qualified plumbers know how to work with all types of hot water systems and will repair any issue or replace any unit professionally. 

We will work on hot water heaters across all Sydney areas, including Sutherland Shire and Hills District, while we are also trusted Blocked Drain experts for anyone. For the best hot water heater repairs and replacement services – contact Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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