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Leak Detection in Sydney Plumbing Systems

A leak within any plumbing system is a major issue which is why our emergency plumber team here Optimised Plumbing Services offers leak detection services throughout Sydney. Our leak detection specialists work to identify where the leak is, then quickly fix the plumbing issue. A water pipe leak can cause serious damages while also can be costly.

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What is a Water Leak?

When a pipe breaks or is impacted by other services they can incorrectly hold water which can lead to it leaking. These can occur in places such as the kitchen sink, shower, tap, pool, dishwasher to other types of drainage. The most common reasons why a pipe might leak are:

  1. Old age – older piping systems might be brittle and likely to break. Small holes may form or joints might not be tightened correctly.
  2. Weather – in drier or wetter conditions pipes might be negatively influenced by the ground moving the pipes. Such as in gardens, the ground might be extremely wet from a storm, and the pipes might move and break.
  3. Tree roots – trees can wrap around underground piping systems and can snap the pipes. They might also break into the pipes which can cause leaks as they are looking for a water source.
  4. High water pressure – a high water pressure inside the pipes can cause damage to them which might cause a burst pipe.


What are Some Problems with Water Leaks?

A water leak may not seem serious but it has many negative impacts. The main consequences and issues related to leaking pipes are:

  • Costs – the constant water dripping and leaking from taps will add onto the water bill.
  • Health – as water leaks it can cause mould and mildew to develop on surfaces which is a health hazard.
  • Structural Damage – water leaking onto walls, in ceilings and onto structural components of the building can weaken them.

What are Some Signs of Water Leaks?

There are many signs which can indicate that a water leak is occurring, look for:

  • High water bills – if the water bill is higher than usual often this will mean that a leak is present. If there are extra guests or it is known that water has been used more, then an unexpected increase in the bill is where a leak is the most common cause.
  • Sound of running water – near taps, toilets, sinks and other drainage systems or plumbing devices a sound can signal a leak. Running water inside the pipes even though the system is not in use means there could be a leak.
  • Damp or wet floors – near the toilet, taps and other plumbing systems the ground could be wet. If this water pooling is not known then the piping could be leaking water onto the floor.

For more reasons on why the water bill is higher than usual, then read our blog with more detailed information.

How Much Does it Cost for a Water Leak Detection Service?

Undergoing a leak detection service will cost differently depending on specific factors. On average a leak detection can cost from $100 and can go up to $700. Factors influencing this price can be how difficult it is to determine if and where the leak is. If the building or place working in is complex this can make the job tougher. If the plumbing system is also harder to reach then this can increase costs. It is the property owner who needs to handle the arrangement of a plumber to perform the leak detection test. NSW Fair Trading identifies who needs to take responsibility for the leak detection service.

*These are approximate averages. For a more in-depth quote, please contact our plumbing team.


How do our Plumbers Find Leaks?

There are many techniques which our professional plumbers will use during the leak detection service. The best one will be applied to correctly determine where the leak is and what repairs need to be done.
Technique Its Purpose Benefits
CCTV A camera is manoeuvred in a drain system where live feedback allows a plumber to see inside the drain. The live camera will help the plumber see where inside the suspected leaking pipe the damage is.
Acoustic The sound of water escaping from nearby piping systems is identified and heard through this tool. The frequency of the leakage is easily known through this process to see where the leak is and if the leakage is small or large.
Radio Pipe Location Underground piping systems and hidden pipes are tested with this technique using electrical devices. Harder to reach drainage systems underground can be detected for leaks more easily through this method.
Radio Pipe Location Underground piping systems and hidden pipes are tested with this technique using electrical devices. Harder to reach drainage systems underground can be detected for leaks more easily through this method.
Thermal Imaging A thermal reading of the pipe is made to see whether a rise in the moisture levels have occurred if it has then a leak is often present. This process will help determine whether something or the piping has been damaged from excessive moisture levels and the leak.

Professional Leak Detection  Plumbing Services

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to perform leak detection services and find where leakages are. We make sure to utilise advanced techniques in order to successfully determine if there is a leak. Our plumbers know how to work in all types of places and detect leaks on all plumbing systems. Each leak detection work is also carried out safely while completed in the shortest possible time.

Our affordable leak detection services are offered to all of Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney, Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs. We also are specialists when it comes to Blocked Drain tasks and promise to resolve the problem swiftly. For reliable and expert leak detection services – call Optimised Plumbing Services now on 0411 217 174!

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