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Toilet installation and plumbing Sydney


Toilets are considered the most vital commodities within the home. Toilets are made up of both a pan and cistern, with over more than 1000 different types and styles of toilets on the market they consist of 2 main components which can fault over time.

Some things to look out for when assessing your toilet suite include:

  • Cistern button failure
  • Small cracks along the ceramic bowl, pan and cistern
  • Not flushing correctly
  • Pipe connecting the cistern leaking water when flushed
  • Water running constantly into the bowl
  • Unusual sounds coming from the cistern
  • Very slow filling of the cistern
  • Water leaking from the base of the toilet
  • Water leaking from the cistern and connection to the sewer

Having a new home with no toilet or your current one broken is never wanted as it is one of the most important inclusions within a home or workspace. This is why at Optimised Plumbing Services we will always be quick to unblock toilets because of their importance. 20 years of experience is evident in our work because we are precise and efficient when dealing with plumbing tasks.


The common issues with toilets are easy to deal with the sooner we are called. Here are the more common cases with toilet repairs and a brief description on how we might deal with it:

This is the most common toilet problem that people experience. This is simply when the toilet is clogged and cannot flush because of the blocked drain. Commonly, too much toilet paper and/or solids are flushed down blocking the pipe. There are various ways which we can work on reversing a blocked drain in a toilet. Plunger, CCTV and rotating coils or removing the water are the average procedures we use.

Hissing sounds originating from the toilet indicate that your toilet has water leaking into the tank through the supply line. Three parts of the toilet need to be inspected: the refill tube, the float and the ballcock assembly. If the float is the problem, we readjust it to its original place. If it is from the refill tube, we ensure that it is not too far down in the overflow tube. Rarer cases see us replacing the ballcock assembly if this is the origin of the issue.

If your toilet has water refilling all by itself or looks like someone flushed it then water has leaked into the bowl. It is often caused by a faulty flapper/ flapper seat causing the slow leak. To fix this we drain the bowl and tank then check/ clean the flapper seat to then replace the flapper if we inspect it to be damaged or too old.

If you see that your toilet performs weak flashes/ empty the contents slowly it probably has clogged holes. With the holes being full of debris under the rim of the bowl we remove the debris through gently poking them out. Cleaning the holes will allow the toilet to flush properly and we definitely take caution to not scratch the bowl for further damage.


When we are called for toilet setup services, we must consider specific factors. These can range from type of toilet user (eg.height) to that the location is fit enough for the toilet to be positioned:

When choosing what toilet to install, we encourage newer toilets as they are more energy efficient. As toilets use a lot of water, high energy efficient toilets will decrease the amount of money spent on the toilet’s water consumption.

Installation prices may be influenced by the type of toilet. Gravity-fed flushes toilets will be quieter, more prone to clogging but overall cheaper to install. Toilets which flush with pressure will cost more to install and are a bit louder, yet, have a much lower chance to clog. As more people prefer an oval-shaped bowl shape, considering that this is easier for plumbing services but takes more room than circle bowls needs to be considered. Additionally, average toilet heights are around 14.5 inches (37cm) and can be taller for taller people.

There are a number of factors when installing a toilet in regards to the space in which it sits in. With the location which the toilet is in, it needs to be 15 inches (38cm) from the toilets center to the wall and two feet (60cm) in front of the toilet. This is so there is comfort in distance between the wall and the toilet, as well as, how much space you have in front of your feet. These dimensions can be expanded, yet, it is crucial that before installing a toilet you ensure that your future space is correct for the plumber to install the toilet.


  • Depending on the quality of the valve installed as well as the age of the unit, the Inlet valve can develop a few issues which can cause a few things to occur. From the shut off valve snapping within the unit which constantly allows water to flow into the cistern and through the overflow. Causes a constant filling sound and can waste excessive amounts of water.
  • As well as seizing up so as to not allow any water to fill into the cistern at all.
  • The connection below the cistern has also been known to develop cracks from age, causing a slow leak.
  • In some cases, the valve can blow off the top completely spraying mains pressure water throughout the room and smashing the lid of your cistern!
  • It is vital and recommended that you have old toilet cisterns checked over by an OPS professional to avoid these issues.

You can check out our latest blog articles for more information on how much does it cost to install a toilet! 


  • The outlet valve is made up of various levers and mechanics which can sometimes snap and or break causing the buttons to stop working properly or not at all.
  • The rubber seal on the bottom of the outlet valve is what seals the water from leaking out! Over time these rubbers corrode and cause a slow leak within the cistern.
  • If you notice any of these issues we recommend you CALL US to send a technician to provide you with a quote and options to rectify/ service your cistern.


Optimised Plumbing Services is the best for installing and adding a toilet to a bathroom. We can definitely guarantee that when we install a toilet we are quick and do the job properly. Also, the toilet installation cost will be affordable and performed only be qualified and experienced plumbers. We perform only the best quality service and take no shortcuts. It is as important to us as it is to you that your toilet is running perfectly with little waiting time. Contact us today for emergency plumber service and FREE quotes


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