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Like all taps, a water meter shut off valve works the same, although it may be as old as the original building on the property which can make it a concerning issue and potential hazard. The tap washers ware down and the spindles can seize up without you ever knowing until it is too late!

Water meters are important so water companies can properly and accurately charge you for how much water you have used. However, if you have had issues with your water meter, there is a chance that the water company can incorrectly charge you. If you suspect or know that your water meter is broken, you need immediate maintenance. Consequently, here at Optimised Plumbing Services we offer affordable repairs and maintenance on water meters when your water meter stopped working. Our trusted staff can solve all issues with water meters and perform other required tasks. If your water meter stopped working, trust us to help you with all the information needed on the area.

Why Does My Water Meter Need Servicing?

Usually, residents and workers will see that their water meter will contain damages at random times. That is to say, most people will see problems with their water meter when:
Sudden changes in water pressure – when this occurs water meters tend to falter and not function properly, usually because the meter is not built for the random spikes. This can cause internal damage or alter the readings of the water meter.

Age: As with most things, when your water meter is becoming old, it may have more issues. As a result of age, the accurate readings of the meter can become altered. Therefore, these numbers could increase or decrease the amount of water you used is sent to the water companies. This will mess with both your bills and the companies, too.

Air Flows:  If water meters experience air being pushed into the meter it will still count it as water consumption. This is because the meter does not differentiate between air and water. So, your water bill will be higher as your water meter has been thinking that you have been using more water.

These are the more common issues regarding water meters. However, there are still a lot more problems and factors which can alter the pricing and functionality of your water meter. Replacing, repairing or installing water meters can differ in price depending on who you source. There are multiple factors involved in water metering repairs, therefore, research is highly encouraged beforehand.

Who is responsible for maintaining the health of a water meter?

If you see that your water meter is not correctly functioning, it is responsible that you call either Sydney Water or a licenced plumber to resolve the issues. However, as landowners are responsible for all fittings and pipes on their land, Sydney Water is ultimately responsible for water meter maintenance. An additional point is that if you share a private joint water service with someone else, you still have to maintain the pipes. Moreover, you will need to split the costs between whoever you share the water meter with.

More importantly, calling Sydney Water and waiting for their services can take a while. That is why hiring a trusted plumber can quicken up the process by a lot. With this, furthermore, the location of the water meter is important for when servicing is required. This is because it should be placed/located in a safe and easily accessible location. Behind locked gates, near dogs, under dirt/ concrete or even within trees and plants are places which are not advised. These only slow the whole process of identifying and placing a solution on the dilema.

Sydney's Best water meter servicing

Optimised Plumbing Services is the most exceptional and best suited plumbing company to work on your water meter. We have the needed qualifications to work on your water meter. That includes repairing the current water meter to even installing/ replacing your old water meter. In other words, if your water meter stops working, is damaged, old or even recording the wrong data, we can help. If the chance that your water meter needs immediate attention, we supply emergency plumber resources and blocked drain solutions for Sydney 24/7. To clarify, this means that at any part of the day and on any day of the week you can contact us. We will be there with all the necessary techniques, tools and be on time to quickly resolve the issue.
Contact Optimised Plumbing Services by either calling 0411 217 174 or writing an email to contact@optimisedplumbingservices.com.au. We are the most professional and trusted plumbing service in Sydney to work on your water meter. Available anytime and anywhere, we will always be there for you.

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