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Blocked Gutter Drains – What To Do?

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Dealing with blocked gutter drains is simple when knowing exactly what methods to take. If gutters become blocked there are issues that can quickly develop if the problem is left for too long. Cleaning the gutter and allowing proper water flow within the drainage system should be completed as soon as possible. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we are a professional Blocked Drain specialist company here to unblock any guttering system. 

Blocked gutter drains should be cleared by clearing visible debris, such as sticks, and running high-pressurised water down the pipe. Leaving a blocked downpipe and gutter can increase the chance of debris falling, structural damage, pests infestation and water damage. Any person can unblock a downpipe or gutter but a professional plumber will effectively perform the service.

How do I Unblock a Gutter?

When it comes to unblocking a gutter it is important to follow the correct methods, use the best tools and safely work. 

Step One – Gather Tools

The main tools to work with when unblocking guttering units are:

  • Hand gloves – to protect hands when working
  • Cylindrical brush – used for removing dirt and scrubbing the gutter
  • Water jet or garden hose – used to blast water down the gutter
  • Sturdy bucket or bag – used when collecting the debris and other items from the gutter
  • Gutter scoop – a tool which can be used to scoop up debris and heavy debris in the gutter

Step Two – Unblock Gutter

To unblock the gutter the most efficient and effective way to do this is by following these procedures:

  1. Remove any visible and solid debris which is clogging up the gutter. This can include leaves, sticks and even toys which have been stuck in the gutter. The gutter scoop is effective at grabbing the debris and utilising the bucket or bag to collect the debris. 
  2. To remove dirt, mud and other smaller debris the brush and water jet are needed. The brush is used to scrub away the dirt while the water jet or hose is used to run water down the drain. Ensure the water pressure is high to effectively push water along the gutter and clear the gutter of any blockage.

Step Three – Access the Condition

After removing all debris from the blocked gutter drains the next step is to access the condition of the gutter:

  1. Perform a test by running water down the drain to see how effective the unblocking was. Inspect for any points where the water becomes clogged or stagnant to clear the system once again.
  2. Inspect the structural condition of the gutters, such as holes or cracks, to determine if they need replacing or repairing.  

What Damage Can Occur by a Blocked Gutter?

It is important to not have a guttering system blocked for too long as dangerous and serious consequences can develop quickly. The main damages and dangers which can come from blocked gutter drains are:

  • Structural Damage – when there are blockages in the gutter then water builds up in areas more easily. When this occurs the water can exit the gutter and can likely enter the home. The excess water can cause cracks in the foundation of the house and other wooden elements.
  • Water Damage – water that enters the home from a clogged gutter can also easily damage the insides of the home. The windows, walls, floors and doors can easily be exposed to water for too long. When this occurs the chance of mould growth and structures weakening or rotting will increase. Roof leaks and wall leaks will also be bad for people’s health and can ruin the inside elements of the house. 
  • Pest Infestation – another major issue with blocked gutter drains is that pests, insects and parasites can infest the area. The excess water in the gutters can attract these pests which could easily expose people and pets to dangerous diseases. 

If leaking gutters is a common issue, we highly recommend reading our blog ‘why are my gutters leaking’ for more detailed information. 

How Can I Prevent My Gutter Being Blocked?

The best way to prevent blocked gutter drains is to undergo regular gutter maintenance and cleaning. Any person can complete this task which should occur 2-4 times a year. The main components of gutter cleaning are:

  • Trimming Vegetation – if trees and other vegetation are extremely close to the gutters and often cause blockages trimming them regularly will help. Trimming the vegetation to a point where they will not always directly drop leaves in the gutters is a great place to start.
  • Clearing Gutters – removing the debris regularly will lower the chance the gutters are seriously blocked. As a blocked gutter can cause major damage to the home it is important to clear the system of blockages as often as possible. 
  • Drain Cleaning – running water throughout the gutters when there has not been rain in a while will keep dirt and mud out of the gutter. Hydro jets or high-pressurised hoses should be used to blast water throughout the gutter. Doing this will remove dirt and mud build up and the chance of a blockage. 

Professional Blocked Gutter Drains Plumbers

Optimised Plumbing Services has over 20 years of experience working with blocked gutter drains, cleaning and clearing them. Our fully qualified plumbers reliably access the gutters to determine how difficult the blockages are. We are efficient when cleaning the gutter, expert when it comes to reliably unblocking them and carry out gutter maintenance professionally.

Our gutter services, with unblocking and cleaning them, are offered to all of Sydney, from the Hills District, Eastern Suburbs to Greater Western Sydney. We also offer trusted Emergency Plumber workers where our team will operate at any time to resolve gutter and other plumbing dilemmas.

For professional, swift and effective blocked gutter drains services – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475!

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