Enquire below & our Sydney Plumbers will get back to you within 30 Minutes or Less!
Enquire below & our Sydney Plumbers will get back to you within 30 Minutes or Less!

CCTV drain inspections use state of the art drain cameras to perform accurate and reliable pipe inspections. These high tech drain pipe inspection cameras are used by plumbers to find any type of blockage within drainage systems. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our CCTV drain inspection services are here for all of Sydney. We will undergo the CCTV pipe inspection on any plumbing system to help identify the contents of a drain.

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CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is used in plumbing to find what is causing drainage systems to be blocked. The camera inspection equipment replaces old methods of guessing and excavating to find blockages. It consists of a waterproof camera and a cable which will be pushed down into plumbing lines. 

The camera will send a live view of the inside of the pipe directly to the plumber. The live footage can also be recorded to allow the plumber to use it as a reference later on. CCTV is extremely useful and will be mainly used in the following services:

Blocked Drain – when there has been a blocked drain in a plumbing system CCTV will be used to quickly find where the clog is. Knowing what exactly is blocking the system will also be easily found with the camera.

Pipe Relining – relining pipes is a service to strengthen existing pipes without the need to replace the current ones. To find potential errors in the plumbing which may interfere with the relining process, CCTV is used. A plumber will look for any cracks, holes or other defects which may prevent the pipes from being relined. 

Leak Detection – if there is a suspected leak in piping networks then CCTV is perfect for finding them. From concrete slab leaks to leaks in bathrooms, combining a range of techniques with CCTV plumbers can easily find leaks. 


As the CCTV is pushed down drainage systems a plumber can find a large range of different items. The most common items and objects which plumbers look for when using CCTV are:

  • Tree roots the presence of tree roots inside plumbing can be extremely difficult to handle. The tree roots are finding water and will grow inside of the pipe system. When this happens tree roots can block and break pipes which CCTV hopes to find the roots early. 
  • Solid Masses – wipes and other solid masses which are pushed down a drain might not dissolve. When this happens a blocked drain is more likely to occur and CCTV will help find where these items are. 
  • Food scraps, oils and grease – CCTV can be used in kitchen sinks where food scraps, oils and greases can build up. 
  • Sewage buildup – CCTV sewer services are used when there has been a blockage or issue inside sewage pipes. A plumber will navigate the sewage and find out what is causing a blocked drain or another dilemma. 
  • Cracks and holes – for pipe relining or general reasons, CCTV is perfect for finding cracks or holes in pipes without excavating. 
  • Collapsed or damaged pipes – if a pipe has collapsed or broken then CCTV is an efficient and cost effective way to locate these concerns. 


Plumbers will utilise CCTV due to it having many benefits and advantages over other plumbing methods. From finding leaks to seeing how badly a drain is blocked, the main benefits which come with CCTV drain inspections are:

  • Accurate and effective – with the live footage a plumber can accurately find what is inside of the plumbing. The whole drainage system, from its infrastructure to its damage, will be found with CCTV. Finding contents inside the drain or the condition of the plumbing will also be accurate. The camera removes any need for guesswork which leads to resolving a problem easier. 
  • Non-invasive or non-destructive – to see if pipes were broken or blocked previously excavating the pipe or performing other destructive measures were needed to access the pipe. CCTV completely removes the need to destroy the ground or clear other items in order to look inside of a pipe. 
  • Efficiency – CCTV is both cost effective and time effective when compared to other methods of looking inside drainage. The process of phishing a camera inside a pipe and finding the problem is quick and easy. There is much less labour work needed and excavating is not needed meaning it is more cost effective. 


Based on our consultation with a variety of Sydney plumbers, an average CCTV drain inspection service can cost from $300 and range up to $1350. However, there are multiple reasons why the inspection service can vary in prices, but the general steps include:

  1. Accessing the drain and inserting the cameras within the plumbing
  2. Handling the CCTV to run through the piping system and inspecting for issues
  3. Once finished with the inspection return the drainage as it was and create a report of the findings

If there were potential issues, obstacles or other concerns causing the job to be more difficult or harder to complete then more tools and labour will be needed which can increase the costs.

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Optimised Plumbing Services offers reliable CCTV drain inspections for any person living in Sydney. Our fully qualified plumbers will effectively use CCTV devices to find blockages, leaks and use them before undergoing pipe relining services. When needing CCTV to inspect a pipe in general our team will efficiently look over the whole plumbing system. Each plumber will operate on any drainage system and reliably utilise the CCTV tools to inspect the plumbing. 

As mentioned, we carry out the CCTV inspections in Sydney, working from Greater Western SydneyNorth ShoreEastern Suburbs to Sutherland Shire. We also offer professional Emergency Plumber services for us to resolve any plumbing emergency, including carrying out urgent CCTV inspections. For trusted CCTV drain inspections – contact us today for professional services! 

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