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Different Types Of Blocked Drains?

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Blocked drains can come in many different types and can occur in many different plumbing systems. There can be blockages in the kitchen to the community sewage networks. It is important to know what each blockage is and why these certain clogs develop. Optimised Plumbing Services offers our professional Blocked Drain services where our experienced plumbers will perfectly resolve any drain blockages. 

The main types of blocked drains include:

  • Blocked Toilet
  • Blocked Kitchen Sink
  • Laundry Sink Blockages
  • Blocked Sewer Drain and Sewer Lines
  • Bathroom Sink Blockages
  • Blocked Shower Drains
  • Blocked Gutters
  • Outdoor Drainage Blockages

What are the Main Types of Blockages

Blockages inside drains and plumbing cause multiple issues and can be difficult to handle. It is important that drainage systems are cleaned regularly and that the correct items and substances are entering the pipe. The most common drain blockages, in no particular order, are described below.

1. Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet is often one of the most common clog issues with the toilet slow draining or being completely blocked. The main reason why a toilet can become blocked is that certain objects, such as wipes, are flushed down which will block the pipes. Tree roots and damaged pipes are also other main concerns with toilet blockages. CCTV drain inspections are the best way to find the blockage and for a professional plumber to unblock the toilet.

2. Blocked Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is another common place where blockages develop and cause issues. From grease, food waste, food scraps and oils being washed down the sink they can build up and clog the insides. The best ways to handle a blocked sink drain properly is to utilise corrosive cleaners. Ensuring that no solids, grease or oils enter and become stuck in the sink drain will help with preventing the blockage.

3. Laundry Sink Blockages

If people wash their clothes at times in the sink then the detergent and other washing liquids or powders can clog up in the sink. Sometimes the material of clothes, such as lint, can be drained into the sink and over time may build up. Ensure to perform drain cleaning regularly when washing clothes in sinks to prevent this concern.

4. Blocked Sewer Drain and Sewer Lines

Sewage systems and lines may become blocked from multiple different sources. From a clogged toilet to large scaled community blockages from tree roots, any type of sewage blockage is negative. To help prevent sewer backups from the clog, it is important that plumbers address the blockage as soon as possible. Cctv camera inspections used with a variety of tools and techniques will effectively stop the sewage blockage efficiently.

5. Bathroom Sink Blockages

The bathroom sink may become blocked from hair and soap building up and clogging the pipes. The best way to handle bathroom sink blockages is to have a plumber reassemble the pipes, find the clog and clean it correctly. Pouring hot water and other certain chemical mixtures regularly can help with preventing clogs in bathroom sinks.

6. Blocked Shower Drains

Showers and baths can easily become blocked from soap, hair and other items not properly being flushed down the pipe. When there is a large amount of hair or if bar soap is used then this can easily cause the shower drain to be blocked. We highly recommend reading out blog ‘can soap block drains’ to understand how soap can easily clog showers.

7. Blocked Gutters

From leaves and other debris not exiting gutters properly they can become blocked easily. A blocked gutter can develop over time and especially if they are not cleaned regularly. When the gutter is under trees and vegetation then this can increase the chance of the system being blocked. We encourage reading our blog ‘what damage can be caused by blocked gutters’ to see why it is vital to repair the problem quickly.

8. Outdoor Drainage Blockages

Drainage systems that are outside, such as stormwater drains, can experience a large range of issues leading to blockages. The main cause of a blocked drain with outdoor plumbing is tree roots entering, breaking and clogging pipes. Debris build up is also another common cause of outdoor drainage blockages. 

A plumber will remove debris with high pressure water jet blaster techniques and tree roots with certain techniques. To know how a plumber might remove tree roots from outdoor plumbing systems our blog provides further details.

How Can I Prevent Blocked Drains?

The best ways to prevent blocked drains at home and at work are:

  • Ensure no food scraps or solids are flushed down the sink, toilet or other drain especially if they will not dissolve.
  • Do not have oil or grease be poured down the drain which may stick to the pipe and cause blockages.
  • Undergo pipe relining where possible to help strengthen the existing pipes and prevent tree roots from blocking them. 
  • Perform regular plumbing inspections performed by a fully qualified plumber. They will use CCTV drain techniques to see the insides of pipes and potentially spot blockages early. 

Reliable Blocked Drain Sydney Services

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help handle blocked drains of any kind professionally. We are experienced with blocked drains, completing all the needed training, and understand how to use a variety of techniques. Each specific blocked drain concern will be dealt with accurately and effectively regardless of how difficult the job is.

We work across all of Sydney, from the Inner West, Northern Beaches to Sutherland Shire, to handle clogged drains. Our Emergency Plumber team is here at all times of the day to help with blocked drains and any other plumbing issue.

For trusted, efficient and professional help with blocked drains – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475!

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