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How Does Heavy Rain Cause Blocked Drains?

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When heavy rain causes blocked drains it can be a result of many different factors. Heavy rainfall can cause issues with sewer pipes and storm water drains which can lead to damage to properties. Heavy downpours can cause foreign objects and debris blocking pipes to other issues involving disrupted water flow or water pooling. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Blocked Drain team will resolve any problems relating to rain blocked drains

Heavy rain blocked drains can lead to the following plumbing problems:

  • The large amount of rain water can be too much for the drains to divert and water begins to stay within the drain
  • Small plants can grow inside the pipes and when heavy rain occurs these plants are pushed and clog at points in the pipes
  • Debris and objects can flow into the drainage system, building up and cause clogged drains
  • Tree roots can grow dramatically when heavy rain occurs and enter old and broken pipes causing a drain blockage

How Can Rain Cause Blocked Drains and Other Plumbing Issues?

Heavy rain can cause many difficult issues and can be a problem to drainage systems and pipelines. This can range from gutters, sewer lines to stormwater drains that can be affected by heavy downpours. The main types of damages caused by heavy rain and leading to blocked drains are:

Debris Buildup

Heavy rain will cause debris, including leaves, sticks and even rubbish, to flow into different plumbing systems. When there is a large amount of debris flowing inside of drains and pipes the chance that a blockage occurs increases. The debris can quickly build up and become stuck in certain parts of the drainage systems. This will lead to water not being able to flow through the system and an overall blockage to occur.

When it is raining heavily water will need to divert out of the drainage systems and away from the building. But when debris blocks the systems then the water will have nowhere to travel and water pooling and back flowing can quickly escalate. Sewer backups, water pouring over gutters and other serious issues can occur from debris blocking pipes when it is raining heavily. 

Tree Roots

Blocked drains from tree roots are a serious problem and can be difficult to resolve. Tree roots will grow inside pipes to find a water source and when it rains heavily the speed of this process can increase. The chance of tree roots breaking through pipes will increase as well if the pipe is old, damaged or from a poorly designed and performed pipe installation. Tree roots can cause harmful blockages along with other complications, including completely breaking the pipe.

Underground pipes, such as stormwater drains and sewer lines, are more likely to have tree root issues. Before heavy rainfall using root killer or arranging ways to prevent tree roots blocking the pipes is important to occur. 

Overflow of Water

When heavy rainfall occurs the chance that a large amount of water enters drainage systems is high. Some older or smaller systems may not be as efficient with properly diverting the water away from the surface and property. This means that water can quickly build up in the pipe and not correctly flow as it should. When the rainfall continues to be heavy then the drains and pipes cannot handle the larger amount of water.

The rain blocked drains issues can occur with the large amount of water inside of the drainage. This may lead to problems such as plumbing backflow and can be damaging to the property. 

Small Plants and Vegetation

Plants will naturally grow inside some pipes and drainage systems, most likely in stormwater drains. When it begins to rain heavily these small plants may be pushed down the drain. If this occurs the plants and vegetation may become stuck at one point in the pipes which can quickly cause a blockage. Along with debris and other objects, a blockage can form inside the pipes which can lead to plumbing problems. 

How Do I Fix an Outdoor Blocked Drain?

Rain blocked drains should be fixed by a licensed plumber as the process will be faster and more effective. The general process for unclogging an outdoor drain, including when it has been raining heavily, is:

  1. Inspect the clog to find out what is blocking the plumbing and how difficult the process will be
  2. Create an effective plan to know the best methods, tools and techniques to use to properly deal with the outdoor blockage
  3. Any clog reachable by hand or simple tools will occur, such as debris close to the surface drain
  4. Utilise proper plumbing tools and techniques to clear tougher blockages, such as using hydro jetting techniques or augers
  5. Clean up the drain by running water and remove any last blockages and carrying out inspections and tests to ensure the drainage functions correctly

To know more about how to unclog an outdoor drain our blog offers useful tips and tricks. 

Reliable Blocked Drain Plumbers for Sydney

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to handle any rain blocked drains in Sydney. Each fully qualified plumber will arrive on time and make sure to properly clear the blockage from the drainage system. No matter the type of clog or how much damage the rain has done we work at our best to clear the blockage. Our team is also here as Emergency Plumber workers to help resolve rain blockages and other issues at any time. 

We offer our blocked drain services to all Sydney locals, including Greater Western Sydney, Sutherland Shire and Hills District.

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