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Located in the Macarthur region, Kentlyn is a charming suburb in the southwest of the Sydney Central Business District, home to approximately 740 residents. At Optimised Plumbing Services, we’ve stood ready to assist Kentlyn’s residents with any plumbing concerns. Our dedicated team specialises in resolving blocked drains in both residential and commercial properties. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that you receive world-class support at any time and in any location throughout Sydney.

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We have been servicing Kentlyn as blocked drain plumbers for over 15 years!

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The Number 1 Blocked Drain Specialist in Kentlyn

NSW Fair Trading requires all plumbers to be licensed and insured. Meeting these requirements not only prepare them to have an NSW plumbing licence, but also equip them with the skills needed to attend to any installation and repair. Our blocked drain plumbers have completed the Certificate III in Plumbing course and an apprenticeship to gain knowledge and experience on plumbing work. Completion of these requirements also prepares them to work according to standards set by existing laws and regulations, including The Plumbing Code of Australia.

Same Day Service

Our team also made sure that there is an available blocked drain specialist 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. With our round-the-clock operating hours, we are confident that we can send out an expert within minutes after asking for help.

Blocked Shower Drain

Shower drains are among the most prone to clogging. The accumulation of hair on the shower drain is the usual suspect behind a blocked shower drain. Several DIY solutions are available to homeowners and businesses when this affects their bathroom. However, we are also ready to help when those DIY fixes are not enough.

Blocked Kitchen Sink

Our blocked drain repair team recommends investing in an InSinkErator and grease trap to prevent blockage in the kitchen sink drain. The former offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to install on new and existing kitchen sinks
  • Saves time in constantly disposing of food waste
  • Prevents kitchen odours
  • Overall better for the environment as it could grind eggshells, small bones and vegetable scraps 

Our team has the experience and training needed to install, maintain and repair these devices. However, property owners already dealing with a blocked kitchen sink drain can depend on our blocked drain repair team.

Blocked Toilet

Flooding is the common consequence of continuously using a blocked toilet. Several factors contribute to this blockage, including flushing objects other than toilet paper. When clogging hits this fixture, our blocked drain plumbers can help with the repair. We have the experience, knowledge and tools needed to quickly get it working in no time.

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After more than two decades in business, we continuously strive to remain consistent in the quality of our installations and repairs. Contact Optimised Plumbing Services now to experience why Kentlyn locals continue to trust our plumbers to fix their blocked drains today!

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