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Boundary Trap Replacement – Everything You Need To Know!

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Dealing with clogging is one problem we all will face at least once in our lifetimes. It affects all drains in the property, from the kitchen sink drains to the toilet. And this issue does not stop interfering with just one part of the plumbing system. It also has the potential to impact other parts of the pipe network as well as other parts of the building. Failure to give a blocked drain the proper attention can lead to damaging consequences that could be costly and hard to repair.The sewer system is not immune to this plumbing problem. Several factors come into play for this to happen. The system’s boundary trap is among those significantly affected by clogging. This pipe is an important part of the sewer system as it allows sewer gases to escape and ensures that they won’t backflow. When signs of clogging and foul odours start showing up, there could be a boundary trap issue and working with a skilled blocked drain and emergency plum is the best solution.

What Does A Boundary Trap Do?

Boundary traps seal the bottom part of a sewer line. It is usually made out of metal, like copper or steel, but it could also be made out of ABS plastic with a rubber washer to allow airtight connections. This pipe is designed with a “U” shaped syphon tube that allows water to flow in one direction, but not the other. It runs vertically from the ground to a depth of one to six metres. This trap is the meeting point connecting the property’s drainage system to the main sewer line. This trap plays a vital role in sewer networks as it prevents the build-up of harmful sewer gases. These can accumulate within the drains and are common in residential spaces, thus local water utilities require the installation of this pipe. The boundary trap is the last piece of equipment plumbers can handle before calling the local water utility.     

Clogging in the Boundary Trap

With the abundance of subdivisions, population increases and other real estate developments, boundary trap issues became more common. We recommend property owners and developers identify existing boundary traps and inspection points before building anything on the property. Building infrastructure or planting trees without knowing there is a boundary trap is a common reason behind issues affecting boundary traps.Aside from not knowing the existence of boundary traps, these are other factors contributing to a blocked sewer system:

  • Foreign objects – These objects can easily cause clogging in any drain. Sanitary items, nappies and paper towels are usual suspects for this blockage. As it is not easy to determine the cause and location of this clogging, a CCTV drain inspection is ofen necessary. This service allows for easy identification of objects causing the blockage and their location.
  • Plants – As previously mentioned planting in an unknown location is a common reason for blockage involving boundary traps. Tree roots are among the usual reasons for clogging in the sewer system. When there’s a tree planted in a place where there’s a boundary trap, it is a sure formula for clogging.

What To Do If an Issue Starts Affecting the Boundary Trap? 

As clogging is expected to happen in the boundary trap, it is best for property owners to know what to do when it happens. Prevention is always key in avoiding clogging and other issues from affecting this pipe. Regular visits from an experienced blocked drain specialist help ensure a properly functioning sewer system. For those suspecting that clogging is happening at the boundary trap, a blocked drain specialist can help deal with foreign objects stuck near or in the boundary trap. Clearing blockage in the boundary trap requires removing standing water, using compressed air, water jetting or other similar equipment to recover the debris. If there is other debris left, tools like electric eels are used to clean the boundary trap. When any of these solutions are not enough, it may require disassembly or replacement of the trap.  Boundary trap replacement is best for chronic cases of clogged sewers. This is most recommended when the trap is no longer capable of providing an air-inlet vent, which results in sewage appearing in sinks and other drains. In this replacement service, a p-shaped trap will be installed on the sewer system. This new pipe is open at both ends and allows air to enter below the water level in the tube. This solution is best for removing foul odours due to the lack of outflow ventilation. 

Who Can Help Me Fix It? 

Who do you approach once issues start affecting the boundary trap? Is it better to work with an arborist if the cause is a tree root? Or it is best to have a plumber take over and provide the best resolution. Blocked drain plumbers are the best professionals to handle the job. All have the experience and knowledge to attend to the needs of these pipes. These professionals have the expertise in determining the reason behind clogging in the sewer system, whether the boundary trap is responsible for it or when is it time to replace the affected pipe.

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