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Leaks, worn parts and corrosion are common problems affecting taps in homes and commercial properties. Although these problems may seem simple at first, they can easily cause damaging consequences and costly repairs if not addressed immediately. Repairing, installing and upgrading your tapware helps prevent these consequences.


An experienced and knowledgeable sydney plumber can help deal with issues, and even prevent them. Our plumbers here at Optimised Plumbing Services have spent years helping homeowners and businesses deal with tap issues. Our emergency plumbers are dedicated to delivering only the best resolution for any factor interfering with taps and can supply and install premium tapware all backed by 5 year warranty. 

Common Tap Repair Issues

Although there are several do-it-yourself solutions available for fixing tap problems. As long as you have the necessary tools and knowledge, it can be worthwhile trying these fixes. However, it is always best to leave the repair in the hands of a professional. Plumbers have spent years dealing with plumbing issues, they are better suited to deal with installations and repairs concerning plumbing systems and fixtures. 

A leaking tap is one of the most common problems property owners have to deal with. At Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer the following solutions for common tap issues:

  • Leaky spout repair
  • Noisy tap repair
  • Leaky tap bonnet repair
  • Stiff tap handle repair

What Causes a Dripping Tap?

Several factors contribute to dripping taps and faucets. The following are usual problems encountered by property owners with their tap:

  • Compression taps – This issue usually occurs on older and inexpensive taps. If this is the case, replacing the washer or corroded valve set is more necessary. An experienced plumber can get things replaced, even an ageing tap, without installing a new set.
  • Disc taps – Ceramic discs are extremely hard to damage and are great for having a great seal. But when dripping starts, the cartridge replacement is a must to resolve this issue. An experienced and trained tap repair plumber can help get the correct cartridge model.
  • Cartridge taps – The cartridge type tap is the common two-handle tap in residential and commercial spaces. However, a cartridge replacement is necessary when dripping happens. 
  • Ball taps – These “mixer”-type taps allow you to get hot and cold water with just a single handle. Due to its complex design, repairing it requires the replacement of a few parts. A dripping ball tap usually requires a new inlet seal, spring or ball.

How to DIY a Dripping Tap?

While it is best to have an expert deal with this plumbing issue, there are cases where you cant apply a temporary solution to prevent further damage, especially if it is only a minor issues. 

There are several DIY fixes for a dripping tap. The following are steps in disassembling and reassembling a tap:

How to Disassemble a Tap

      • Turn the tap on to remove excess water.
      • Unscrew the tap button or grub screws. Remove the handle after.
      • Unscrew and remove the flange.
      • Unscrew the tap bonnet and spindle assembly with the aid of a tap spanner.
How to Reassemble a Tap
  • Prepare the new tap components.
  • Lubricate O-ring, tap bonnet and spindle assembly.
  • Reassemble tap bonnet, flange and handle.
  • With the tap turned off, turn on the main water supply.

Furthermore, here are some DIY solutions for common tap problems:

  • For water leaks and drips coming from the tap spout outlet, It needs replacement of the tap valve. If after the replacement and there’s still dripping, it could be due to a damaged tap seat. Installing new stainless steel tap seats or refacing tap seats using a tap reseater.
  • Leaking that comes from the tap bonnet body or spindle is an indication of a damaged body washer or O-ring, thus it needs replacing. Homeowners need a new body washer and O-ring to address the leaking.
  • When the handle is hard to turn, a clogged tap bonnet thread is usually the problem. Dry soap and grease are usual suspects for this clogging. Property owners can resolve this by cleaning the tap bonnet and lubricating the tap bonnet, spindle thread and O-

What Are The Costs of Tap Repairs in Sydney? 

In Sydney an emergency plumbing service company usually charges between $50 and $85 per hour. A good 24hr emergency plumber can get everything fixed in minutes, it still depends on the severity of the problem and the availability of replacement parts. However this doesn’t include the price for parts which will vary depending on the brand of tapware you are having installed. 

At Optimised Plumbing Services, we always quote our customers in advance to prepare them for the expenses they should expect when we start working on their plumbing systems and fixtures.


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At Optimised Plumbing Services, our team has extensive experience and training to get any issue affecting taps resolved quickly and effectively. Each member of our team has met the requirements set by NSW Fair Trading for licensed plumbers. Undergoing these requirements gives them the basics of installing and repairing taps and other plumbing appliances. It also assures homeowners and businesses that every installation and repair they do follows standards laid down by The Plumbing Code of Australia and other related regulations.


Besides being experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of taps, our 24 hour plumbing repair team also specialises in different plumbing appliances and systems. We are experts in burst pipe repair, commercial plumbing and hot water systems, among other pieces of equipment. To experience the best plumbing installation and repair in Sydney, contact Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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