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Lavender Bay sits on the harbour of Sydney’s lower North Shore region. A residential suburb, it offers locals a great view of the Sydney Harbour from the comfort of their homes. But the fairytale-like life in this suburban area can be easily disturbed with a plumbing emergency.

Optimised Plumbing Services offer locals an emergency plumber that’s highly skilled, friendly, and honest and most importantly serves their needs on the same day it was requested.

Why Choose Us?

Optimised Plumbing has been providing emergency plumber services to Lavender Bay for over 15 years!

Why choose us

Licensed 24 Hour Plumbers

To ensure the quality of work done by our plumbers, only those certified under the NSW Fair Trading are sent to homes and businesses in Lavender Bay. Their certification is a guarantee that each of our plumbers knows what they are dealing with and can provide the proper installation or fix needed by any plumbing system.

Fast Emergency Plumber Near Me in Lavender Bay

Our 24 hour plumbers can help with any common plumbing emergencies. In our over 20 years of operations, we observed that no plumbing issue picks a certain time to happen. For residents and businesses around the Sydney area, we offer same day service by our licensed and insured emergency plumbers.

Gas Fitting and Repairs by an Expert Emergency Plumbing Service Provider

Optimised Plumbing Services plumbers are also trained to handle the installation and repair of gas fittings. Plumbers can also take the extra certification to hold a license as gas fitters. This double license goes hand-in-hand, especially when dealing with repairs involving gas-powered hot water systems. 

Our team is trained and experienced in handling all works involving liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas (NG). Services we offer include gas conversions and gas connections, installation of gas bottles, and installation of gas pipes, meters, bayonets and other gas fittings. Every work done involving gas fittings follows protocols issued by the Australian and NSW governments.

We Do Commercial Plumbing Too

Commercial plumbing requires a higher qualification as projects of this kind requires work on multiple floor buildings and housing complexes. Plumbing jobs in commercial spaces significantly differ compared to common plumbing emergencies in homes and smaller spaces. Commercial buildings may experience several issues at the same time. For example, a hot water system is shared by multiple occupants and most of them are affected by the problem. Each of their needs must be addressed properly to fix the underlying problems causing the hot water issue. Additionally, commercial plumbing also follows a different set of laws safeguarding health and safety. 

24 Hour Plumbing Repair

Lavender Bay need not wait for them to enjoy the beauty of their place without worrying about their plumbing system. We offer a fast, same-day service done by a licensed and insured 24 hour plumber. 

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