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10 Signs Of A Damaged Sewer Pipe?

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There are many different signs of a damaged sewer pipe that should be looked out for. From water flowing back up into the home or there being a foul smell present, broken sewer lines need to be addressed quickly. It is important that a broken sewer pipe is repaired or replaced by a licensed plumber as soon as possible. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber services are here when there are issues with your sewer systems. 

10 signs of a damaged sewer pipe are:

  • Sewage backup
  • Blocked plumbing or sewage system
  • Sewer odour in the home
  • Mould growing on the walls and ceiling
  • Slow drain issues
  • Patches of grass greener than usual
  • Indentation within the lawn
  • Cracks in the walls and foundations
  • Septic wastewater from a damaged septic system
  • Insect or rodent problem

What are Signs of a Damaged Sewer Pipe

The main signs of a damaged sewer pipe are:

Sewage backup

If sewer begins to back up from the toilet or sinks then the sewer backup is a clear sign there is an issue with the sewage line. It means that the sewage cannot drain correctly and by it coming back from the drain it can lead to health risks. If sewage, water or bubbles come out of the drain then sections of the pipe could be blocked or damaged and will need a plumber to address the problem. 

Blocked plumbing or sewage system

A Blocked Drain is another major sign that there could be damages with the sewage system. A blocked drain could be from items incorrectly entering the system, tree root infestation or collapsed sweater drainage pipe. If the sewer drain is blocked then this can lead to sewage entering back into the home, slow drains and other concerns. 

Sewer odour in the home

A strong sewage smell or odour around the home and especially near plumbing and sewer drains means that there could be a damaged sewer drain. The smell though does not always mean that there is a damaged pipe but a ventilation problem with the system or a blockage could be causing the issue as well. Whenever there is a strong smell or odour from the drain pipes then a plumber should inspect the problem. 

Mould growing on the walls and ceiling

Damaged or blocked pipes in the sewage system can also create a burst pipe or most commonly leaks. The sewage and water pipes behind the wall and in the ceiling that are experiencing leakage can cause mould to appear. The water and sewage will cause a damp environment and mould will develop on the walls and ceilings. A plumber should inspect the issue to determine what type of pipe is leaking and where it needs to be fixed. 

Slow drain issues

Most sewage systems should allow a smooth flow but if there is a delay in speed then a slow drain is present. A blockage or damaged sewer pipe is what can cause the sink, toilet or other plumbing systems to slowly drain. Have a plumber inspect the slow drain issue to determine what the problem is with the sewer line. 

Patches of grass greener than usual

If sewer drainage pipes that are underneath grass in the home are damaged this can cause the grass above to be greener. The leakage of sewage will act as a fertiliser to the grass which is why it appears greener than other sections. When the grass has one area that is much greener than the others then a plumber should inspect to see if a damaged sewer pipe is causing the problem. 

Indentation within the lawn

A damaged sewer pipe in the lawn can also cause indentation to occur. When the sewage pipe breaks then the leakage can cause the soil to leak into the pipe or become damp. The grass will appear at a different level to the rest due to the soil leaking into the pipe or becoming constantly damp and the grass or lawn indents. 

Cracks in the walls and foundations

If sewer lines run behind foundations, walls and slabs then if they leak it can weaken them. When cracks appear in these places then this is a sign that the sewer lines running behind them are damaged. Cracks, and also if sewage or water leaks through them, with slabs and foundations should have a plumber inspect to see what the problem is. 

Septic wastewater from a damaged septic system

Septic tanks are a type of sewage and wastewater system that can be installed in buildings and households. If there is sewer water located near the tank or any of the plumbing lines then this can be a sign of a damaged sewer line. A broken tank, clogged pipe or cracked main line are some of the causes of the septic system damage. 

Insect or rodent problem

An insect or rodent problem can be a sign of a damaged sewer line. They might have entered from the main sewer line on the street and it is important that a plumber finds and addresses the problem as soon as possible. 

Trusted Emergency Plumbers Fixing Damaged Sewer Lines

Optimised Plumbing Services and our emergency plumber team will resolve a damaged sewer line at any time of the day. Each fully qualified plumber understands the best way to detect a damaged sewer line then knows the best techniques to repair or replace them. We can work across all of Sydney, including Inner West and Northern Beaches, on sewer line services. When needing an urgent plumber to inspect, repair or replace a damaged sewer line – contact Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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