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5 Steps to Take When a Pipe Bursts

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When a pipe bursts, called a burst pipe, it is an issue which can be extremely bad if left untouched for too long. However, to stop or minimalism the damage of the pipe bursting involves simple and easy steps. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we have been providing help with burst pipes all across Sydney for over 20 years. As a result, we know the best and most reliable steps to take to fix burst pipe issues with ease. 

When experiencing a burst pipe issue, here are five steps to follow:

  1. Turn off the building’s water supply
  2. Locate the damaged pipe
  3. Repair any damage to the pipe
  4. Contact a professional burst pipe plumber
  5. Hire a reliable drying tradesmen

1. Shut Off the Main Water Flow

The first important step to do when a pipe bursts is to turn off the water supply. This can be done through the tap on the building’s water main or where the main service pipes connect. When the water main has been switched off, draining the pipes is the next step. Running cold water will help in this process, along with turning off the hot water system. Once all the remaining water has been drained away then the leaking should stop.

2. Find the Broken Pipe and View its Damages

Finding where the pipe has burst is important for repairs and seeing what damages have been done. To find the location, look where possibly a lot of water has built up or any other issues have been experienced. With major pipe bursts, there will be more costs due to the major water pipe holding more water. As well as connecting to other pipes, it will take time to fix. Minor pipes, such as bathroom sink, will be easier and less expensive to fix.

3. Use Burst Pipe Repair Techniques

Completing a repair without the help of a professional can be mostly done on minor breaks. For more serious burst pipes or major pipes, preventative maintenance can be placed to limit the number of further damages. Epoxy putty or self fusing silicone tape can be utilised for small cracks and damages. Major pipe bursts might need a section of the pipe to be cut out and replaced with a specific material. Whatever the method selected, being safe at all times is crucial to prevent further piping and also health issues.

We highly encourage reading our blog on ‘How to Repair a Burst Pipe’ for more in-depth steps on repairing a burst pipe.

4. Contact a Plumbing Professional

The next step is to contact a plumbing burst pipe repair team to help restore the burst pipe issue. The repair workers should all be fully licensed to work in all commercial and residential buildings and know everything about burst pipes. An Emergency Plumber is also great to contact as they can be called out at any time to help when a pipe bursts. Because a burst pipe can happen at any time of the day, the 24 hour plumber is extremely useful.

5. Contact a Professional Water Restoration Tradesmen

With water potentially leaking through ceilings, floors, walls and other places it is important to have the water removed as soon as possible. A professional should be hired to properly remove all the water from the various areas with water everywhere. Additionally, opening all the windows to prevent soaked areas from developing mould and mildew is needed. Likewise, turning off electrical power is highly important to stop electrocution and water mixing with electricity.

Reasons Why a Burst Pipe May Occur

There are many reasons why a pipe may burst but here are the more common ones:

  • Pressure – pressure from water, tree roots and other forces can lead to a pipe bursting. The pipes will squeeze more than they are designed too and the pipe can crack or burst open.
  • Frozen Water – it is possible in colder climates that water can begin to freeze in the pies. As a result, ice can form which leads to the potential of a blocked drain, therefore, the pipe can leak.
  • Incorrect Piping and Connections – if the plumbing job is incorrect leading to the pipes not installed or connected properly then issues can happen. Incorrect piping can lead to a lot of mistakes in the plumbing systems, increasing the chance of a burst pipe.
  • Old Age – older pipes made with materials, not of today’s standards are more prone to bursting. Weather, pressure, corrosion and other factors can lead to the pipes being weakened and therefore burst open.
  • Blockages – when items build up in drains and pipes the pressure can be extreme. The water cannot travel through properly and the pipe can break causing it to burst. 

For more information on how to prevent a burst pipe, Sydney Water offers environmentally friendly solutions. 

Also, we encourage our Blocked Drain experts when facing all kinds of blockage problems, we promise to work professionally and be there on time.

Professionals With Burst Pipe Emergencies

Optimised Plumbing Services has been helping Sydney with burst pipe issues for over 20 years. With our experience, we know how to quickly stop the burst pipe from occurring and causing further complications. Likewise, our plumbers will be there on time, use the best tools and techniques for the specific job and work efficiently. 

Additionally, our plumbers are available 24/7 through our Emergency plumber services, which is useful for burst pipes situations. We can work in all commercial and residential buildings in any suburb of Sydney helping with burst pipes. Including the Sutherland Shire, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs, our burst pipe assistance is here for every single person.   

We will stop the burst pipe issue in the shortest possible time, no matter the plumbing system or building. Optimised Plumbing Services and our professional burst pipe help can be contacted on 02 8074 1475 or at No burst pipe will prevent us from providing the best assistance available to all Sydney residents. Our experienced, trusted and qualified plumbers will be there on time, work efficiently and have the problem resolved. 

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