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Advantages of Installing an InSinkErator

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An InSinkErator is a type of food waste disposer that is installed in the kitchen sink. It acts as a garbage disposal and catches food waste while lets water run through to its general pipes. The food waste is cut into extremely small pieces for it to also be able to flow through the plumbing. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber workers are able to perform professional InSinkErator installation jobs anywhere in Sydney.

The main advantages of going through an InSinkErator installation are:

  • Saves time of constantly disposing of food waste
  • There is overall less garbage involved
  • Kitchen odour from a buildup of food scraps is prevented
  • Blocked drains are less frequent as food scrap buildup does not occur
  • Overall better for the environment as wastewater treatment plants will deal with the waste
  • Easy to install under sinks and into existing or new kitchens

What is an InSinkErator?

An InSinkErator works as a garbage disposal for food scraps and waste and is located under the sink. It finely cuts the food waste and has it enter the wastewater drainage system. Most food scraps will be able to be ground down within the InSinkErator. 


How does an InSinkErator Work?

The InSinkErator works by pressing a button and having cold water run down the sink. The food scraps are pressed down the sink and the machine will cut the food scraps into tiny particles. There is an internal grind ring that will cut down the food scrap in replacement of blades cutting the food. This means the food waste is almost liquefied and flushed down the drain into the wastewater system of the home. 


What are some of the Foods the InSinkErator can Grind?

Almost all food waste can be ground by using the InSinkErator, some include:

  • Small bones, such as chicken or fish bones
  • Eggshells
  • Banana skins
  • Vegetable and fruit scraps
  • meat 

What are the Benefits of an InSinkErator?

The benefits of an InSinkErator installation are large, especially when compared to traditional ways of disposing of food waste. The main benefits of installing an InSinkErator under the sink are:

  • Dealing with food scraps is much quicker and more efficient as the device will handle the waste effectively 
  • The need and time to deal with food waste is minimised 
  • The amount of garbage in the bin is dramatically decreased as a majority of food scraps will no longer need to be thrown into the bin
  • Because there is less food waste entering the bin the need to clean and remove the bin is decreased
  • Similarly, fewer food scraps in the bin mean that the odour created from food in the garbage is removed
  • Overall hygiene is improved inside the kitchen because less food waste is present
  • It is much more environmentally friendly to deal with food waste through the InSinkErator than throwing it into the bin. The device cuts food down extremely small allowing the wastewater treatment plants to use it as energy. With the food scraps not constantly being thrown into the bin the amount of waste in landfill is decreased as well
  • The InSinkErator is able to be installed under most kitchen sinks and does not require too much work 

What are the Different InSinkErator Models?

The main types of InSinkErator models that are available to be installed are:

Model Size Guide Main Benefits
Evolution 200 Disposer Largest in size
  • Most powerful containing three stages of grinding down the food
  • The quietest model out of any of the available designs
  • Is able to grind down all types of food waste easily
Evolution 100 Disposer Slightly larger than the standard range
  • More powerful and also quieter than the standard range
  • There is a two stage grinding process being able to grind down most food scraps
Model 66 Medium sized and better for larger sink space
  • The standard model and is affordable for the power it has
  • The quietest out of the M model range
  • Will be able to grind down on most food scraps without using blades
  • Best suited for general usage/ average person
Model 56 Slightly smaller than Model 66 but can fit into smaller sinks
  • A reliable mid-range value grinder
  • Food scraps are ground easily and disposed of fast
  • Only uses $1.50 of electricity and 1% of the water usage per year therefore is economically valuable
Model 46 The smallest and ideal for sinks with limited space underneath
  • Even though it is the smallest model and best suited for smaller kitchens it still will ground most food scraps
  • Will not use a lot of power similar to other models
  • Easy to install due to its small size

Reliable InSinkErator Installation Services

Optimised Plumbing Services promises the best InSinkErator installation service for the locals of Sydney. Our fully qualified plumbers will have the InSinkErator model installed in efficient times. We will be able to work with any InSinkErator model while installing the system under any sink in any place. Our team will also make certain to have each step of the process complete safely while performing numerous tests to ensure the InSinkErator functions properly.

We will be able to operate on InSinkErator installation work across all of Sydney, including Northern Beaches and South Sydney. Our team are also experts at handling Blocked Drain concerns and encourage reading our blog ‘natural ways to unblock a sink’. 

For the most efficient and effective InSinkErator installation services in Sydney trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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