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Broken Pipes – What Should You Do?

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Plumbing issues always seem to occur at the most unexpected times. Broken pipes plumbing emergency stems from several causes that could lead to a significantly huge problem if not efficiently repaired and replaced. Knowing what to do helps prevent it from developing into a more serious problem. Preparedness helps when deciding on the best way to deal with broken pipes in your building.


What Are The Reasons for Broken Pipes?

Your property’s pipes get damaged due to various reasons. Regardless of which caused the problem, all these contributing factors must be taken seriously. Prevention helps avoid a simple plumbing issue from becoming more serious and costly in the future. The following are common factors behind a broken pipe:

Improper installation – Poor pipe connections top the main reasons for broken pipes. These improperly connected pipes are exposed to external factors that could impact their integrity. Intense pressure is the common factor behind pipes breaking.

Rust – This problem is common in homes still dependent on metal pipes. With corrosion slowly eating away these pipes, it increases the chances of rust contributing to breaking pipes. 

Frozen pipe water – While not common within Sydney,  when water temperature comes below -4 degrees Celsius, it is a sure formula to see broken pipes in residential and commercial buildings. Water in the pipes turning into ice creates significant amounts of pressure. This extreme amount of pressure causes faucets and pipes to break apart.

Water pressure issues – Pipes can handle a certain amount of water pressure. However, going beyond the threshold can cause problems in the pipe network. Broken pipes due to extreme water pressure are common in narrow tubes. With more water being pumped in, it exceeds the structural ability of the pipe to meet the pressure, thus causing the pipes to burst

Incorrect pipe layering – This factor is why only licensed and experienced plumbers must be in charge of installing pipes. By working with an unskilled individual, the chances of mistakes increase and the potential of dealing with a plumbing emergency becomes more real. Professional plumbers know their way around working with pipes and determining which is suitable for the needs of the property as all have completed a required Certificate III in Plumbing course.

Being aware of the above causes helps in planning and dealing with this plumbing emergency when it happens. It also helps keep things under control to prevent further complications.  


What Should I Do After Finding a Broken Pipe?

At Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer a same-day service guarantee that entails our expert plumbers to be at your location within the hour after asking for help. Our 24hr emergency plumbers recommend doing these things after discovering a broken pipe:

  • Cut off the water – Shutting off the main water source prevents further damage to the plumbing system. Most Australian homes have their water valve located near the road, together with their water metre. For those who live in an apartment or a high-rise apartment, it is best to notify the landlord when this plumbing emergency happens.
  • Clean the place where the broken pipe is located – Removing things away from the affected pipe helps the plumber move easily as he remedies the issue. It is also a good time to recover items that are still usable. These items just need drying so that they can be placed back into the pipe network.
  • Call an emergency plumber – After identifying the damage and doing some damage control, it is time to reach out to a trusted 24 hour plumber. Professionals know what to do next after identifying the affected pipe and which resolution will work best for the broken pipe.
  • Document the damages – For property owners, it is best to keep track of repairs that happen at home or in a commercial space. This record helps just in case another repair needs to be done or to file for a claim, especially for insurance purposes.
  • Dry and ventilate the room – After discovering the damage, it is best to let the air in and get it circulating as soon as possible. It is best to have doors, and windows open and bring over fans or humidifiers to dry and ventilate the space.
  • Throw out ruined items – There will certainly be wet items in places with a broken pipe. After discovering the broken pipe, emergency plumbing service professionals recommend discarding items that can no longer be recovered after being submerged in water. This advice prevents the growth of mould and other damaging consequences.


The Cost of Pipe Replacement in NSW

The severity of the damage, type of pipe used, the size of the damage and other factors contribute to the varying amount associated with pipe replacement. For those who want an eyeball of the total cost, pipe replacement can see the property owner shelling out an average approximately $2,000 to $4,000. This estimated cost is far lower compared to what it cost to have the pipe repaired years ago. With the need for digging and creating trenches no longer standard practice, property owners can expect to see a lower bill for pipe replacement. 

But how is it possible to achieve this lower repair cost and still have the best pipe repair? Pipe replacement nowadays uses CCTV cameras and other special equipment to repair the damage. With less effort required, it lowers the associated cost of carrying out pipe relining in residential and commercial properties.


Sydney’s Pipe Replacement Plumbers!

Pipe repair require an experienced and knowledgeable professional. Working with someone who has spent years dealing with this plumbing issue assures that the problem will be solved in no time. At Optimised Plumbing Services, our skills and experience speak for themselves. We guarantee that every broken pipe, may it be in a residential or commercial building, will be fixed using the latest practices and following existing regulations under  The Plumbing Code of Australia. Contact Optimised Plumbing Services now to experience why locals across Sydney continue to trust our pipe repair services for over two decades today!

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