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Can Plumbers Install Gas Lines?

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The short answer – only plumbers who are qualified in gas fitting. These professionals have undertaken specific training and received the necessary qualifications needed for gas fitting installation. A gas fitter is someone who is legally allowed to install, expand, modify, disconnect and repair gas-fueled appliances and other gas fittings.

At Optimised Plumbing Services, our emergency plumbers have the experience and knowledge to help with the installation, maintenance and repair of gas-powered devices. They have spent years learning and gaining experience on the best approach in installing, modifying and disconnecting gas lines.

What is Gas Fitting?

Gas fitting covers the installation, repair and maintenance of appliances and pieces of equipment running on gas. Refrigeration, heating devices and power are some examples of appliances that require a gas fitter for installation and repair. 

The Home Building Act 1989 clearly defines gas fitting as any work involving the following:

  • Installing, modifying and repairing gas installations.
  • Installing, extending and repairing gas heaters, gas-fueled hot water systems and other installations using flue.
  • Connecting or disconnecting gas containers, gas regulators or gas appliances from the gas network, except when the design is readily detachable from the installation.

NSW Fair Trading defines a gas system as a network of pipes and associated fittings that carry gas from the meter valve control to the control valve or another gas container. This definition covers any liquified petroleum gas dispenser, catalytic burner or vaporiser. However, it does not include internal combustion engines, a common part of vehicles, vessels and machines.


Does Plumbing Include Gas?

Gas fitting and plumbing are two distinct practices. The former deals with pipes delivering gas to a gas-fueled appliance connected to the gas outlet socket or other points of connection. Plumbing differs from gas line work as it is involved in the construction, alteration, disconnection and repair of pipe fittings of any water service connected to the main water source. 

Both require different sets of qualifications to be legally allowed to offer services in NSW. These requirements were put in place to assure NSW residents are only getting the best service from their gas fitter or plumber. This guarantee includes long-lasting installations and repairs following standards like the Gas Supply Act 1996 and The Plumbing Code of Australia and requirements set by the NSW government.


Do Plumbers Do Gas Fittings?

Yes and no. Meeting the right qualification is a must to perform gas fitting services. As established above, working with gas lines and other gas-powered appliances can be dangerous. In NSW, an individual can do gas fitting services by completing the Certificate III in Gas Fitting course. Those who have undergone this qualification can only perform gas fitting work.

Plumbers can also install and repair gas-powered appliances. They can do this by taking the Certificate III in Plumbing course, including all modules on gas fitting. These gas fitting modules introduce the would-be plumber to the world of working with gas fittings, including installation, extension and repair of gas systems. A professional who has this qualification can work on gas lines using liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas, on top of offering plumbing services. The need for a knowledgeable and trained plumber comes from the serious and complex nature of gas line installations, maintenance and repair. An expert is also needed due to the threat of gas leaks and other problems affecting the gas line.


Is There a Difference Between a Plumber and a Gas Plumber?

Yes. Plumbing work covers water plumbing, sewage and sanitary plumbing. It specifically deals with the installation, alteration, extension, disconnection, removal, renewal and repair of equipment that convey, protect and regulate the flow of water. It also does the same for sewer or wastewater management systems.

Gas plumbers, on the other hand, are focused on working on pipes and systems that convey or control gas. Their work also includes anything that is downstream from a gas supply point. Gas fitters also install, maintain and repair gas-powered appliances. These devices are those ​​manufactured, adapted or designed for connection to a gas installation. Catalytic burners, liquefied petroleum gas dispensers and vaporisers are examples of these appliances.


Who can Install a Gas Pipe?

A professional with a background and training in handling gas-fueled appliances and other devices are best suited to work on a gas pipe installation. These individuals have undergone and completed the Certificate III in Gas Fitting course, and those plumbers who have taken all the gas fitting modules in their Certificate III in Plumbing course.

They also need to have met other requirements set by NSW Fair Trading. It means that they have undergone at least 24 months of real-life training under the supervision of a licensed plumber through an apprenticeship.


Sydney’s Gas Fitting Experts

At Optimised Plumbing Services, our plumbers do not only repair malfunctioning hot water systems and toilet leaks. They are also certified gas fitters. We have undergone the gas fitting modules in the Certificate III in Plumbing course and have gained real-life experience through an apprenticeship. By completing these requirements, locals across Sydney are assured of high-quality gas fitting services. Our 24 hour plumbers specialise in gas conversions, fixing damages to gas-fueled appliances and installing gas pipes, meters and other gas fittings. 

We are also committed to delivering world-class customer experience to anyone, anytime and anywhere in the Sydney suburbs. Our fully qualified plumbers also offer a same-day service guarantee as well as operating on a 24/7 basis, including weekends and holidays. These commitments and offerings are part of our goal to deliver high-quality gas fitting and other plumbing services to every Sydney local. To experience one of the most top rated and trusted gas fitting services within Sydney, contact Optimised Plumbing Services now!

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