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Concrete Slab Leak Detection – What Is it?

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A concrete slab leak detection is a service where a plumber will find a slab water leak in the home. The location of the plumbing leak is found, detected and repaired to ensure water does not build up and cause water damage. Concrete slab leaks can be found in both cold and hot water lines and it is important to find these leaks in the water supply system early. Optimised Plumbing Services performs water leak detection work at any time of the day and repairs these water systems correctly. 

Concrete slab leak detection and repair services ensure that leaks below concrete foundations are resolved. The leaks beneath the home’s foundation are often within copper pipes and can be difficult to find. The water leak under the concrete slab needs to be resolved by professional plumbers to prevent plumbing issues from developing.

What is a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are leakages in water pipes which are under concrete foundations of a building. This is in the copper water lines specifically and can be on the drainage or pressure side of the foundation. If the slab leak is on the pressure side then it is often easy to find but can cause serious damage. Leaks in the drainage lines are harder to find but will often leak slowly and eventually put stress on the system. 

Concrete slab water leaks are often not known by untrained people which means they can leak for a prolonged amount of time. The foundation of the building can be affected dramatically if water causes too much damage. Leaving the leakage can be costly which is why a licensed plumber should deal with the citation as soon as possible. 

What Causes a Slab Leak to Occur?

The main reasons why a slab leak will happen are from:

  • Pre-Damage and Poor Installation – when pipes are installed they can be accidentally damaged prior to or during installation. This can be minor issues but if they are not repaired then they might not function correctly in the future. If pipes are also not properly installed then leaks can be more common as they are not in place or connected correctly. 
  • Ground or Foundation Shifts – when the house shifts on the foundation then the pipes can move as well. Pressure on the pipes can also occur when the ground and foundation moves. The pipes underground are designed to withstand this movement but too much pressure can cause them to leak. 
  • Abrasion – pipes will expand and contract when water flows and is natural. When this occurs but the pipes are installed incorrectly then they can scrap against other pipes or surfaces. Such as concrete and gravel, pipes moving and scrapping along these can lead them to abrase. They can wear down or have enough room to move which can cause leakages. 
  • Corrosion – pipes which make contact with soil can often have them corrode overtime. This is a more common reason why leakages occur with copper pipes underground. This corrosion will lead to the slab leakage issue as the pipes corrode away. 

How to Find Slab Leaks and Look for Early Signs?

To find if pipes are leaking under concrete slabs, look for these signs:

  • The water bill has risen in cost for unknown reasons. If the water bill is higher than usual then the slab leaks can be the issue as more water is used or wasted. 
  • Sounds of running water occur even without using the pipes.
  • The carpet is beginning to have a build up of mould or mildew.
  • The water meter is either moving its dial or showing larger numbers even though a change in water usage has not occurred.
  • A stagnant water has built up around the perimeter of the property. 
  • The water pressure is lower than usual for unknown reasons.
  • Floors are damper and warmer than usual and mould is beginning to appear. 

What are the problems with Slab Leaks?

The main issues related to leaks under concrete slabs are:

  • Flooring Damage – the floor of the home or building will have more water leak and flow within it. This can cause the floor to be ruined and saturated, specifically carpets, while tiles can crack. 
  • Foundation Damage – the foundation of the building can be damaged to move or crack.
  • Yard Damage – the front and backyard can be ruined from the constant water within the grass and landscaping.
  • Mould – the excess water can lead onto the walls and floor which can have mould build up. Mould is bad for people’s health, can ruin surfaces and can create bad odours as well. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Slab Leaks?

A concrete slab leak detection service will often cost $370 on average where inspecting the systems to find leaks occur. $200 to $530 is the price range of the detection service and includes using specific equipment to locate exactly where the leak is. Due to the concrete slab, this will often make it harder for a plumber to find the leak. 

To repair the concrete slab leak the low cost is $840 and can up to $5,800 or more. On average, to repair the leak it will cost most people around $3,020. If the leak occurs in private property then the property owner will need to organise an Emergency Plumber to perform the service. Sydney Water will repair any leak underneath concrete slabs in public areas, such as on streets. 

Reliable Concrete Slab Leak Detection and Repair Services

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to perform concrete slab leak detection and repair services in any property. Our team is licensed to perform on any system while can undergo the detection using professional methods. We will work with slab leaks around all of Sydney, including South Western Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs.

Our team are experts at handling Blocked Drain concerns, we will work anywhere at any time to clear blockages. 

For professional concrete slab leak detection and repair services in Sydney – contact Optimised Plumbing Services now on 02 8074 1475!

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