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Drain Pipe Relining – How Does It Work

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Drain pipe relining is a method to help strengthen and preserve pipes and plumbing systems. The relining process is completed on the existing pipes and does not require large amounts of digging. The service is overall time and cost effective, while being great at repairing damaged pipes and preventing broken pipes. Optimised Plumbing Services offers professional pipe relining services where our experienced plumbers will reline pipes safely and swiftly.  Drain pipe relining works by using a specific epoxy resin solution and inserting it into existing pipes. The solution cures and hardens onto the inside layer of the pipes and acts as a new pipe. It will be smoother allowing contents to flow easier inside it and will prevent cracks, holes and tree root damages.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is a highly recommended method to repair damaged sections of pipes and will also help in preventing major plumbing problems. The overall process requires minimal digging compared to traditional methods of pipe repairs. A new pipe is created inside the existing pipe, creating a strong seal and barrier as well. 

What are the Benefits of Pipe Relining?

The main benefits of drain pipe relining are:

  • Minimal Property Damage – relining pipes means that accessing the pipes underground is not needed. This means gardens, driveways and other surfaces do not need to be dug up to reach the pipe. 
  • Time and Cost Effective – the overall drain pipe relining process takes much less time, labour and resources than other methods of pipe and durian repairs. 
  • Long Lasting – most pipe relining solutions will last 10 years and some may last up to 50 years. 
  • Prevention – the epoxy lining inside the pipe is strongly moulded against the pipes. With this, the chance of cracks or holes forming significantly decreases along with the chance of tree roots breaking inside the pipe.
  • Increase Efficiency – the smooth surface created from the relining solution allows contents to flow more efficiently within the pipes. This means that the flow capacity is increased and the chance of blockages will decrease.

What are Common Drain Pipe Relining Solutions?

Different pipes will need different epoxy resin solutions to effectively work:

  • Blueline – this is used for commercial commercial and residential plumbing, such as stormwater and sewer line systems. These are also good for pipes that have multiple bends and joints. Pipes made of PVC, iron, metal and steel can also have blueprint relining solutions applied.
  • Redline – this is for high pressure pipes and systems and helps them not rust or corrode. Such as cooling and heating lines, redline lasts longer and used for maintaining pressured pipes. 
  • Greenline – potable water systems will have greenline solutions applied, the solution is safe for drinking water pipes. 
  • Sumoline – for piping systems that are under surfaces that experience heavy loads, such as roads or runaways, then sumoline is perfect for repairing these load bearing pipes.

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

There are many different ways to reline pipes but the main method is to cure them in one place. A new pipe is created inside the existing pipe that needs drain repairs. 

What is the Process of Drain Pipe Relining?

The general process for drain pipe relining follows:

  1. Inspecting the existing pipes using CCTV to determine if the pipe relining process is suitable for the pipes. The amount of damage is assessed as if there are too many holes or cracks then the relining solution will not settle. 
  2. Cleaning the pipes is next and is complete by using hydro jetting techniques. This high pressured water will help clean the inside of the pipes and help clear any blockages. The resin will not cure onto the pipes evenly or at all if the insides are dirty.
  3. A pipe lining specific to the pipes will be made after finding what issues are within the pipe and what type of pipe it is. The liner is inserted into a calibration tube that is made of fibreglass or polyester and will push at the liner when it is time for curation.
  4. The pipe lining or felt liner is soaked in an epoxy resin then inserted into a not inflated bladder. Ropes are attached to the access point of the pipes and the felt liner and not inflated bladder are inserted into the pipe.
  5. The pipe lining is blown inside the pipes and ultralight will be used to speed the curation process. 
  6. CCTV is used to inspect the success of the process and if there were any errors then they will be fixed.

Reliable Sydney Drain Pipe Relining Services

Optimised Plumbing Services offers the locals of Sydney professional drain pipe relining services. Our fully qualified plumbers will operate on any plumbing system and have the piping network relined. We utilise the correct resin and tools specific to the certain job and ensure to operate safely. Each Emergency Plumber will arrive on time, work swiftly and make sure to finish the relining task on time.

Our drain pipe relining services are for every Sydney suburb, including Eastern Suburbs and Inner West. Our Blocked Drain services are also offered where we will professionally clear any sort of drainage system correctly. For trusted and professional drain pipe relining services – contact Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475!

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