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Gas Connection Plumbing – What You Need To Know!

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Gas connection plumbing is performed by licensed plumbers where they will install, repair and maintain them. Gas appliances will need qualified gas plumbers to connect the gas lines to them. Gas hot water systems and gas meters will also need licensed gas fitters to work on them. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we offer gas fitting Sydney services where we will perform gas connection plumbing work professionally. 

Gas connection plumbing jobs will be performed by a certified plumber with gas fitting licenses. Line extensions cost from $300 to $700, a new line from the meter costs from $700 – $2500 and a new line from the street costs over $2500. Adding new gas connection plumbing may be needed when new appliances are installed, such as gas heaters, or when a complete renovation is occurring with the gas and plumbing systems.

Who Installs Gas Connection Plumbing?

A plumber is the person who will perform gas fitting services in homes and businesses. Plumbers work on the plumbing side of the home as well as the gas elements that they are taught during their training. Some jobs involving gas connection plumbing are gas installations, repairs and inspections. Working with gas heating, gas hot water systems, gas cooking and other appliances and performing gas leak detections are also included. 

How Much Does Gas Connection Installation Cost?

The cost to perform specific gas connection plumbing work determines where and how difficult the job is. 

Installing New Gas Connection Lines

Job Average Cost Description
Gas Line Extension – 6m $300 to $700 When the home already has gas lines installed and connected the job of adding a new one is more simple. This might be an extension or branch for a new gas appliance being installed.
New Gas Line from the Meter – 6m to 30m $700 – $2500 When a new gas line needs to be installed and also connected to the meter then the costs increase due to the added distance. 
New Gas Lines from the Street – 15m to 30m $1700 – $4600 For new projects and where the home is having natural gas or LPG gas installed the installation cost is more. A gas line from the street to the home needs to happen, installing gas meters and adding in the interior gas lines all need to occur. 

New Gas Lines for New Houses

To install the gas lines around the home for the first time it costs:

House Size Gas Line to One Room Gas Line to Two Rooms Gas Line to Three Rooms
Small $250 $500 $800
Large $550 $1000 $1600

Installing the Appliances

When an appliance is installed into a home and it uses gas there are certain elements involved in the installation. A line will need to be run from the street to the home and a meter will also need to be installed. The gas lines will also have to be installed inside the home and connected to the appliance. The average costs of installing gas lines and appliances are:

  • 1 gas appliance and water heater – $1500 to $2100
  • 2 gas appliances and a water heater – $1800 to $3300
  • 3 gas appliances and a water heater – $2200 – $4500

Labour Costs

The labour costs of installing gas connection plumbing range from $4 to $14 per linear metre. How difficult the pipe is to handle and the location of the process will also influence the gas line installation. The plumber costs will also be added to the overall cost, ranging from $60 to $200 an hour.

Material Costs

The type of pipe will influence the cost of purchasing them as well, below follows cost per linear metre:

  • Black iron – $6
  • Galvanised steel – $2 – $12
  • CCST – $2 – $5
  • Copper – $1 – $4
  • HDPE – $1
  • PVC – $1 – $3

Trusted Gas Connection Plumbing Services

Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our fully qualified plumbers are the best for Sydney when it comes to performing gas connection plumbing tasks. Each plumber arrives on time and when working with gas and gas lines always operates safely. Each job is given our full focus where we apply effective and efficient techniques in installing the gas lines. No matter the size or complexity of the gas connection plumbing job our team always works at their best.

We offer our gas connection plumbing services to all of Sydney, including Inner West and Hills District. Our Emergency Plumber team are here to work with gas and other plumbing services at any time while our Blocked Drain experts will remove any clog with ease. 

For the best gas connection plumbing services – rely on Optimised Plumbing Services 24 hours a day!

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