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Gas Line Installation – Everything You Need To Know

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A gas line installation involves a professional gas fitter installing gas lines in a property to allow appliances to run on gas. A qualified gas plumber will be able to install gas plumbing lines, a gas meter and connect the gas service line to the property. Gas appliances, such as gas heaters, will be connected to either LPG or natural gas lines. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our gas fitting services are here for every Sydney local where we will perform gas line installations.

Gas line installation work involves a qualified gas fitting contractor installing gas lines and connecting appliances to the gas network, it average costs approximately between  $1200 – $5000. Once the distributor approves the natural gas connection the gas fitter will install the service and gas lines. The gas meter will also be installed and every appliance will be connected to the gas lines. If Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is needed then the gas fitter will connect appliances to the gas cylinders or bottles.

What is the Process of a Gas Line Installation?

There are many components involved in installing gas lines into properties. Gas installations have many steps and organising that need to occur to ensure the whole process is safely and correctly performed. Gaining approval from gas distributors or LPG services, installing the gas meter and gas lines and connecting appliances to the gas systems are the main steps involved.

Gas Distributor

Before any installation of gas lines can occur, having access to gas through a gas distributor is needed. A residential gas supply request or similar request will need to be applied and given to any preferred gas distributor.  When they accept the request then the rest of the gas line installation process can occur.

Gas Meter Installation

The service line and main gas meter will be installed on the property. The gas meter allows the gas distributor to record the amount of gas used to know how much to charge the customer. It is important that the gas meter is installed in a safe and secure place. Factors, such as not being behind fences or near vegetation, will influence where the gas meter will be installed.


Installing Natural Gas

When natural gas is approved and available then the plumber will connect the service line from the local area to the private property’s gas line. From the gas mains to the house, the process of installing natural gas and lines can take a few days to a few weeks. Only a fully qualified gas fitter will be able to connect the gas lines from the mains to the home. A certificate of compliance for every installation will also need to be applied during the gas line installation.

Installing LPG

When natural gas is not an option then LPG will have to be used instead to allow appliances to run off gas. A LPG company will need to be contacted to arrange to deliver gas bottles to your  home. Bottle exchange programs are common and the gas bottle will not cost money. A monthly or as-needed rate will be charged and often an annual facility fee will also be included in the costs. A licensed gas fitter will need to install appliances to the gas cylinders. 


How Much Does it Cost to Install Gas Lines?

The average price range to install gas into the home is approximately around $1200 to $5000. The number of outlets, how much pipework there is to the number of appliances connected to gas will influence the pricing. Other factors that influence the gas installation price are the cost of copper pipes, labour costs and how difficult accessing the pipes are. 


Can I Install Gas Lines Myself?

Only licensed gas fitters will be allowed to install gas lines and connect appliances to the gas network. This includes both natural gas and LPG appliances and systems which can only be worked on by certified individuals. It also applies to both residential and commercial plumbing, such as home hot water heaters to commercial kitchens


Reliable Sydney Gas Fitting Plumbers

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to perform gas line installation services to any person living in Sydney. With over 20 years of experience, we understand how to correctly install gas systems into any property. We will ensure that the whole gas system operates properly and that everything is safe. Our plumbers will also be able to perform gas repairs, such as gas leaks, and also plumbing maintenance. 

We offer our gas fitting services to every Sydney suburb, including the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs areas. Our Emergency Plumber and Blocked Drain services are also here for locals where we will help with any difficulty at any time. For the best gas line installation services -Optimised Plumbing Services is always 24/7 here to help!

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