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Gas & LPG Repairs – Everything You Need To Know

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Gas fitters and plumbers perform a wide range of gas and LPG repairs for people who use gas in their homes. From the pilot light failing to gas leaks that need urgent attention, these repairs are done using proper techniques. LPG and gas repairs should only be done by licensed professionals due to gas systems needing proper attention as they are dangerous to work with. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will perform gas fitting repairs and all other services for the locals of Sydney.


Common gas and LPG repairs include fixing gas leaks, gas line blockages, gas valve problems and pilot light going out errors. A licensed plumber and gas fitter should perform the repair on the gas systems due to the system being highly dangerous. It is important to contact professionals to repair the gas and LPG systems to prevent major problems from occurring, such as gas explosions. 


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What are Common Gas and LPG Repairs?

There are many different types of gas and LPG repairs that gas fitters perform due to common gas fitting problems. Below are the common problems and gas and LPG repairs that gas fitters carry out:


Gas Leaks

Gas and LPG leaks do not occur that frequently but are a common problem with gas systems. It is important that gas leaks are dealt with as soon as possible because the situation is highly dangerous and can cause harm to people. Gas has no smell which is why a distinct scent is added in case the gas leaks and so people can smell it. A rotten egg or cabbage like smell is often described as the smell of a gas leak. If plants start to die, people feel sick, hissing sounds come from gas lines or gas detection devices have noticed a gas leak then these are other signs of a gas or LPG leak. 


Gas Line Blockages

Blockages within the gas line occur when the pipe becomes damaged, when the lines become contaminated or when there is a build up of debris clogging the insides. When the gas lines become blocked then the gs flow is restricted and the overall lines cannot function correctly. The gas flow then decreases and becomes slower and if the issue is left unattended for too long then gas can become trapped and the chance of an explosion may occur. 


Gas Valve Problems

If the valves of the gas system become damaged then this can lead to the gas lines being blocked or can create a leakage. Gas line valves are easily replaceable and a plumber should be contacted as soon as possible to replace them quickly. To prevent other problems from developing, when the valves are noticeably ruined and defected a gas fitter should replace them.


Pilot Light Issues

The pilot light can go out and when this happens there are several ways it could have happened. The thermocouple may have had dust build up on it which means the sensor is blocked and the pilot light goes out. If the thermocouple after being cleaned still doesn’t work properly then it may need to be replaced. Other ways the pilot light might be going out is through the flame flickering and being faint from not being strong enough, the temperature of the flame is not correct, the gas levels are not high enough or if the pilot tip has corroded. 


Professional Gas and LPG Repairs Sydney

Optimised Plumbing Services is able to provide a fully qualified plumber to any Sydney local who needs gas and LPG repairs. Our team is experienced and trained to handle all kinds of gas issues, from major leaks to small repairs. We make sure that every plumbing gas repair is completed safely while it is done with the best methods and techniques. Our gas fitting repairs and services are here for all of Sydney, including Sutherland Shire and Eastern Suburbs. We also offer professional Blocked Drain experts who are here to remove any clog from any plumbing systems. For urgent and reliable gas and LPG repairs – always contact Optimised Plumbing Services!

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