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How Do I Choose A Good Plumber?

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To choose a good plumber it is important that a person looks for their licensing, reviews and services offered. These will help guide a person in knowing if that specific plumber is best for them and the plumbing project required. Undergoing a large drainage installation to quick hot water repairs, the plumber should be trusted and well trained. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Sydney plumber team is here to carry out any form of plumbing work for any person. 

When choosing a plumber to perform plumbing tasks, look for:

  • Licensing and Insurance – the plumber should be licensed under NSW Fair Trading and be insured before entering the job.
  • Reviews – inspect the plumber’s reviews on Google and social media to find other people’s previous experiences with them.
  • Services Offered – looking at what services the plumber offers can be a guide on what they specialise in and what training they have completed.

License and Insurance

It is vital that a fully licensed plumber undergoes the plumbing job to ensure that each part of the process is completed correctly. 


A fully qualified plumber will be listed under NSW Fair Trading where they would have completed the needed training. Licensed plumbers will have completed their studies while finishing the needed apprenticeships during the process. Hiring a professional and certified plumber means that they understand what they are working on and how to operate with the plumbing system properly. 

There are four main types of plumbing licenses which a plumber can be under:

  • Tradesperson certificate – this license means that an individual can undergo plumbing jobs with minimum supervision. This is the basic plumbing license which a person would have undergone training and apprenticeships to receive.
  • Contractor license – a contractor license allows a person to contract individuals to perform jobs. Individuals or companies can have the contractor license and can only perform plumbing tasks listed on the license.
  • Qualified supervisor certificate – this license has a plumber perform and supervise work listed on the license. This plumbing license is only given to individuals and the plumber cannot also contract people to work. 
  • Endorsed contractor license – a plumber with this license has applied for the contractor license and has the skills and certifications to become a qualified supervisor. 


Plumbers will need to be under specific insurances to ensure that they, their jobs and the place they work in are covered. The main insurances which a professional plumber should have are:

  • Home Building Compensation – the Home Building Compensation insurance is there in the event that a plumber cannot finish their work. The building’s owner will be covered for projects that cost over $20,000 and if the plumber cannot complete the task.
  • Public Liability Insurance – when a plumber has a Public Liability Insurance it means that they and their tools are covered in the chance of an accident. 


It is important that the plumber’s reviews are looked over when deciding if they are the best suited tradesperson for the job. Social media, websites and Google are good places to find plumber’s reviews. Here are the main points to look out for when reviewing the plumber’s reviews:

  • Key words – noticing key worlds in a plumber’s reviews can be a clear sign of the type of tradesperson they are. If positive words, including professional, arrived on time, fixed the problem and highly recommended, are included then a good work ethic is evident. If negative words are common, such as late, messy, unprofessional or not trustworthy, then other people most likely had bad experiences with them. 
  • Star ratings – the higher the star ratings on their reviews means that more people had better experiences with them. Along with the comments, seeing how many stars their ratings have can be a good sign if the plumber is trustworthy. Make sure to note if the star ratings are by fake accounts to ensure that the plumber has not forged their rating. 
  • Review list – if there is no presence of a review list on the plumber’s social media or website then this can be a warning sign. The plumber may have taken down the list to ensure that other people do not see their bad star ratings or reviews. Make sure that the plumber has their list available for potential customers to look at. 

Services Offered

A plumber or plumbing service which offers multiple different plumbing services often indicates that they are highly skilled. Unless they are specific specialists in one key plumbing job, most trained plumbers will have been taught how to tackle multiple plumbing works. When looking to hire a plumber, check to see if the plumber offers:

Plumbers should also be trained in dealing with multiple drainage systems to easily adapt to each plumbing service. If the plumber only offers a small amount of work then this can indicate that they are a faulty plumber with no training or experience. 


Professional and Certified Sydney Plumbers

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