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How Do You Detect A Gas Leak?

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Gas leak detection is important to ensure that suspected leaks can be found before serious issues form. This blog will teach you how to detect a gas leak .From smelling the presence of gas or using a gas leak detector device designed to detect gas, knowing how to find gas leaks early is extremely important. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will perform natural gas leak testing services 24 hours a day. 

When performing a gas leak detection the best ways to detect the leak are to look, smell and see the gas. Using gas detector devices, noticing the bill has risen or feeling unwell are other ways to determine if there is gas leakage. Turning off the gas, leaving the home and calling a plumber as soon as possible to fix the problem is important.

How Do I Detect a Gas Leak?

When there is a gas leak in the home most times it will be noticed quickly due to the smell of gas. Other times the issue might be a bit less obvious where people become unwell suddenly or the gas bill has risen. Below is a guide on what to look for when gas leakage is suspected:

  1. Smell – there is ethyl mercaptan within the gas that is added by gas suppliers for safety reasons. This is to ensure that if there is a gas leak that people can smell the gas as the gas used in homes has no smell. With natural gas and also LPG not having any smell, this substance is added and smells like rotten food to alert people that gas is present.
  2. Sounds – when there is a leak through a small opening in the lines then a hissing noise can form. Inspect all the appliances for this hissing sound and if there is one then a leak might be present. 
  3. Visible Gas – any white mist or clouds that form near gas lines indicates there may be a leak. If any dust moves or swirls around a gas line then a gas leak could be present as natural gas and LPG are colourless.
  4. Gas Leak Detectors – there are specific devices that are designed to locate gas that may have leaked from the lines. They will be able to detect LGP, natural gas and also carbon monoxide and can be purchased from local hardware stores. The device can also be either portable or stationary where it will alarm if gas has been detected. 
  5. Higher Gas Bills – unexpected higher gas bills can be from a gas leak. If gas consumption has been the same but the gas bill has increased then a leak might be the cause. If there are no smells or visible signs of gas leaking, the system could be leaking somewhere hidden. There are also other reasons why the gas bill has suddenly increased, such as additional gas appliances, more people using the gas in cooler weather.
  6. Flame Colour – looking for a yellow or red flame means that the unit or appliance is damaged or there is a leak. Most times the burner will need a proper clean and gas appliances to be serviced. The red and yellow flames also indicate that carbon monoxide has been created and a plumber should be called as soon as possible. 
  7. Pilot Light – if the pilot light has gone out then a leak may have caused this issue.
  8. Dying Vegetation – plants, trees and vegetation may die or become unwell from underground gas leaks. If the house plants or vegetation outside have unexpectedly been damaged then a leak in the gas system may be the reason. 
  9. Feeling Unwell – when people start to feel unwell, such as being light-headed, fatigue or drowsiness than carbon monoxide might be poisoning people. The leak could be the cause and a plumber should be contacted immediately to resolve the issue.

If a gas line installation is needed as the old system is too damaged or old then our blog is here with the steps of the process. 

What To Do When Gas Leaks Gave Occurred?

The main steps to follow when as gas leak has been detected are:

  1. Turn off the gas main line to all appliances and systems which use gas
  2. Turn of the appliances that use gas, including gas cooking units, heaters and hot water systems
  3. Locate the gas meter and turn it off by rotating the valve 90 degrees to the off position
  4. Open all windows and doors to let the gas escape the building
  5. Do not light a match or a fire, such as candles, and try to not use electrical appliances if possible
  6. Contact a licensed plumber to resolve the gas leak issue as soon as possible

Are Gas Leaks Dangerous?

Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous as people’s health from consuming the gas can be impacted. The presence of gas means that if a flame was to be lit then the chance of a fire or explosion happening also increases. Plants, vegetation and animals will also become negatively affected by the gas leakage and it is also not good for the environment as well.

Expert Gas Leak Repair Plumbers

Optimised Plumbing Services is expert at handling gas fitting jobs, including performing gas leak repairs. However, it is essential you learn how to detect a gas leak for your own safety. Our fully qualified plumbers will inspect the gas line system for potential leaks and repair any part if needed. We operate fast, effective and safely to ensure the gas problems are resolved efficiently. 

Our gas fitting plumbers are here for Sydney, including Eastern Suburbs and Inner West, while we are here to resolve Blocked Drain problems as well. For professional plumbers resolving gas leak issues – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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