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How Do You Stop Water Hammer (Noisy Pipes)?

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Water hammer is when pipes make a hammering or banging sound when in use. The noisy pipes are often caused by loose piping to broken valves in the system. The water hammer problem will happen when the water flow is suddenly changed, such as when the tap is turned on, and will cause the pipes to shake. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will resolve any water hammer or noisy pipe issue within any plumbing system. 

To stop the water hammer and the noisy pipe issue:

  • Check for air gasket problems
  • Close valves to the half-way position
  • Replace any intake connections with wider ones
  • Install water hammer arrestors
  • Secure any loose pipes
  • Install water pressure reducer valves 
  • Replace taps with soft-close taps
  • Contact a licensed plumber with water hammer solutions

What is a Water Hammer?

When water flows through plumbing and water lines and there is a sudden change in the flow then it shocks the water systems. When this occurs this is often referred to as water hammer, where the sudden change in water flow creates shock waves to form. The location where the water flow suddenly changes will transform the flow energy into pressure resulting in the pipes shaking. 

What are the Causes of Water Hammer?

The main reasons why noisy pipes and water hammer situations occur are:

  • Unsecured Pipes – pipes that are not secured properly can cause many problems to occur, such as burst pipes and also water hammers. 
  • Ball and Float Valves – for water tanks that have a ball or float valve then the ripples might cause the water hammer issue. These ripples can cause the valve float to repeatedly hit the valve open and close. 
  • Solenoid Valves – these valves use electrical power to stop the flow of water to a system instantaneously. When this occurs the chance of the shock wave entering the pipes and causing the bangs and noisy water pipes can occur.
  • Stop Valve – these valves can cause a shock to the plumbing system if they are worn. 
  • Trapped Air – air relief valves might need to be installed if too much air enters the system. Air chambers are needed for preventing smell and plumbing backflow but too much air can cause the water supply flow to be disrupted.

How to Stop Water Hammer From Happening?

It is important to not leave water hammer issues untouched for too long as other problems can occur. The plumbing system can become damaged and begin to break which means that costly repairs will be needed. The main ways to fix the noisy pipe issues before the problem become more serious are:

  1. Limit Air Supply – air relief valves are a great way to stop the pipes from shaking if there is too much air in the system. A plumber will test and adjust the valves to ensure that the right amount of air enters the pipe without causing the plumbing problem.
  2. Close Valves  – most times appliances, such as the washing machine and dishwasher, that draw out a large amount of water suddenly then shut it off completely can cause this sound. Turning the shut off valve to the halfway position can limit the shock to the system when the water is drawn in then shit off fast.
  3. Intake Connections – for these appliances that need a lot of water then shuts the supply quickly means that swapping the intake connection hoses with wider ones can help.
  4. Water Hammer Arrestors – these devices work at the cold water outlet to stop pipes from shaking when numerous appliances are all connected to a single tap.
  5. Securing the Pipe – noisy pipes can occur when the pipes are not secured properly which is why securing them if they are loose can help.
  6. Pressure Limiting Valve – if the water pressure sudden increase and decrease levels are causing a plumbing system to experience water hammer then these devices can be installed. They will be installed on the water meter by a plumber to limit the water pressure to a particular or all systems.
  7. Taps – installing different taps might resolve the problem with the water hammer. Modern taps will immediately shut off the water supply which can cause the pipes to shake and make noise. Soft-close taps can be installed as they slowly shut off the water compared to instantly as most taps do.

Reliable Plumbers Here to Fix Water Hammer

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to resolve water hammer issues in any suburb within Sydney. Our fully qualified plumbers will ensure to find what is causing the noisy pipe situation then use the best techniques to repair it. Each plumber has the skill to work on any plumbing system with the issue, ranging from water supply lines, large appliances to the hot water heater system. 

Our team will work in any building to stop water hammer issues from occurring, including North Shore, South Western Sydney and Hills District. We are also professionals in dealing with Blocked Drain issues that occur in any plumbing system. 

For reliable and effective help with water hammer problems – trust Optimised Plumbing Services!

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