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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Toilet

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Toilet Installation comes with many different factors which can change the overall pricing of the process. For a new home or replacing an old toilet, installing a toilet requires a lot of thinking and planning. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our toilet installation services have seen us for many years working with toilets. As a result, we know the whole process of adding a toilet to a bathroom and what is important to know.The average toilet installation cost in Australia is between $300 – $400. The price can be lowered if replacing a toilet is at a basic level, from $150 – $250. Buying a new toilet can increase the price to over $500, a more expensive toilet can increase this drastically. Additionally, plumber labour costs will also determine the final outcome of the installation cost will be.

Factors that Commonly Alter the Price

Here is a general list to know before entering toilet plumbing installation:

  • The model, type and style of toilet will affect the installation and overall costs the most
  • Disposal of old toilets can be extra labour work
  • Location of the toilet may impact how difficult the task could be
  • Any other special requirements or difficulties that may be involved in the installation

Toilet Prices Affecting the Overall Installation

Choosing a toilet will determine the price of the final installation cost. Understanding the difference between the two main types of toilets is important for knowing how it will affect the costs. There are also other components to look over when deciding how the toilet will influence the overall cost of the installation. 

Round Toilet Bowls

These toilets are more suitable for smaller bathrooms and are overall less expensive. Additionally, they are a lot easier for children to use due to their height and shape.

Elongated Toilet Bowls

More suitable for adults and larger bathrooms, these toilets are more expensive. However, these types of toilets look more aesthetic, coming in more unique designs. Moreover, they are powerful and more comfortable to sit on. 

Toilet Efficiency to Consider

As well as the type of toilet, there will need to be considerations on the toilet efficiency. This means how easy it is for the components in the toilet to be flushed away. Water efficient appliances are labelled with the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) to help guide on how efficient the toilet is. With this, there are two main types of flushing systems to consider when purchasing a toilet. 

Gravity-Flush System

These are more common and use water weight for the flushing procedure. Moreover, they are quieter while also needing less maintenance. 

Pressure-Assisted System

Using pressurised air, the flush forces the water into the bowl. Being great for clogs, it is however louder and a bit more expensive. But, it will be three times more powerful even though it will more than likely need maintenance more frequently.

Flushing Technologies to Consider

With the toilet efficiency, knowing which type of flushing technology will be included can alter installation prices. 

Dual-Flush Systems

These use full and partial flushing options for how much water is used in the flush. Simply, when you flush the toilet there will be the option for a full flush or half-flush. This type of system will be the one that a majority of people choose.

No-Flush Water-less Toilet

These systems are more for when plumbing is limited or non-existent, with options for reclamation or composting is possible. More than likely these will be a last resort for being chosen over dual-flush systems.

Labour Additional Costs

The plumber working will influence the final cost of the installation with multiple factors included. On average, it will cost around $80 per hour for a plumber to install the toilet. Additional costs may be introduced during the process, for instance replacing old parts or problems which arise. The process of installing a toilet will often include:

  • Turning off the main water supply line
  • If needed, draining and removing the old toilet from the location
  • Have the existing wax ring replaced
  • Inspecting for any damage or issues with the current flange
  • Having the new toilet installed and testing to ensure the whole plumbing works correctly

The issues which could influence the final price may include:

  • Any leaks which arise from the system
  • The flange is broken and needing replacement or repairs
  • The existing wax ring is old and needing a replacement
  • Current caulking is poor or broken leading to leaks
  • When replacing a leaky flush valve the process is a failure, needing more work
  • A Blocked Drain is included within the job and needs attention

Existing plumbing may also impact how much the plumber will charge for the overall installation. If the lines or pipes are needing repairs or altered to fit with the new toilet, this will need extra work. Moreover, if water has damaged the floor or around the toilet to then require repairs, costs will increase. However, if the toilet is the first toilet to be included in the space, like a new home, more than likely additional work will not need to be compiled.

Licensed Plumber Here to Help with any Toilet Installation

For each suburb of Sydney, Optimised Plumbing Services offers toilet installations of professional value. We have years of experience working on a large range of different types of toilet installations. This means we have know how to install in all types of bathrooms, as well as in all sizes of buildings. No job is too difficult for our specialised team as we understand how to install every brand and model of toilet.Moreover, we work at affordable prices to ensure installing a new toilet will not cause any financial stress. Likewise, we offer Emergency Plumber support for when there is an urgent need for installing a toilet, we are there to help 24/7.   Installing toilets in all Sydney suburbs, we are easily contactable on 02 8074 1475 or through emailing We promise to have the toilet installed within a short amount of time under affordable labour costs.

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