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How To Check Your Hot Water’s Pilot Light?

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The hot water pilot light at times goes off meaning that hot water cannot be used in the home. Hot water system repairs are needed to fix the hot water unit and ensure the house can use hot water again. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Emergency Plumber team is here to perform how water system repair services, including helping repair pilot light issues. 

To check the hot water pilot light and fix it:

  • Open the access cover or door to the pilot light
  • Find the burner which is often two smaller gas tubes
  • Turn the knob to ‘pilot’ by pressing it and holding it down
  • While holding the knob light the pilot until a flame appears
  • Once the flame has ignited keep holding the ignition button for a minute
  • Turn the gas knob to the on position and hear a noise that alerts it will continue to burn

Why Does the Hot Water Pilot Light Go Out?

There are many reasons why the hot water system’s pilot light may go out and cause there to be no hot water. If the hot water heater pilot light has gone out here are some of the main reasons why it may have occurred:

Dirty Pilot Tube

The pilot tube may have debris and dirt within it which can lead to the gas flow being disrupted. If the pilot does not receive a good amount of fuel flowing through it it will not stay lit. if the pilot will not ignite at all this is a common issue and is often easy to resolve.

Twist in the Flex Tube

The flex tube is the part that will transfer the fuel from the gas controller. This specific tube can become twisted, bent or damaged which will interfere with the flow of gas. This problem is another common issue that results in the light pilot not burning. Fixing the tube is often simple and commonly performed by a licensed plumber who knows how to work with heating systems. 

Obstruction with the Thermocouple

The thermocouple is what controls and measures the temperature and can experience issues at times. The pilot light may not be damaged but the thermocouple may be which can cause the pilot light to go out. Since the thermocouple needs an electrical signal from the pilot light’s heat to know if it is off or on, if there is dirt blocking the signal the thermocouple may think the pilot has gone out. As a result, the gas supply stops as a safety precaution but leads to the system not providing hot water. 

Damaged Thermocouple

If the thermocouple is damaged then the part will most likely need to be replaced. Some damages include the sensor is bent in the wrong directions to the whole unit not functioning correctly. If the thermocouple is damaged then the hot water system will not be able to provide hot water.

Main Control Valve Issues

If the control valve is damaged then this can be easily found if the other systems of the hot water system work well. If the main control valve of the gas hot water system is not working then a plumber should be contacted to perform a hot water repair. 

How Do I Light the Hot Water Pilot Light?

If the pilot light of the hot water system has gone out then there are a few steps to take to try and reignite the flame. Most gas powered hot water heaters can utilise this method:

  1. Locate where the gas shut-off valve is located and turn the knob to ‘off’. This is to ensure that gas does not flow into the home and cause dangerous situations, such as mixing with flammable areas.
  2. Open the door or cover of the pilot access point which is often located under the gas valve. Some models of gas storage systems might have the gap opened where the pilot light burner can be easily viewed.
  3. Locate where the burner is situated which is often where small gas tubes will divert to. 
  4. With the gas knob, turn it to ‘pilot’ while pressing and holding it down. The gas flow will start and this is where the flame should be lit. Other models of gas hot water systems will have a different button for the pilot mode which is often red.
  5. While the gas button is still pressed down, light the pilot manually or press the black or red ignite button on some models.
  6. Once the flame has ignited make sure to continue to press the button for at least a minute. After the time has passed gently release the button and look to see if the hot water pilot light is still working. 
  7. If the flame is still burning then turn the gas knob to ‘on’ then wait for a sound that will indicate that the main burning will ignite and function properly.
  8. Put back on the cover and test to see if the hot water works again around the home.

Trusted Gas Plumbers for Sydney Locals

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to help with hot water repairs including hot water pilot light problems. Our fully qualified plumbers are here at all times of the day to work with hot water systems, including solar, gas or electric. We will be able to perform hot water services with hot water storage tanks, continuous flow and other types of models. As an emergency hot water service, including gas, we ensure that the installation or repair is completed safely and on time. 

We offer our gas hot water services to all of Sydney, including South Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West. Blocked Drain issues are our specialty as well and we are here at all times to handle any sort of blocked drain concern. 

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