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How To Choose The Best Hot Water System

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Deciding on a new hot water system involves a lot of different factors to consider. As hot water is one of the most used energy systems in a household, the right choice is critical. From washing clothes, the dishwasher and having warm showers, your hot water system is really important. At Optimised Plumbing Services, we have the ability to provide you quality information about the perfect hot water system for you. We will take into account all factors, like how much hot water you use on average, and describe which system is the best suited for you.

When choosing a hot water system, you must consider various factors that will influence which one you purchase. Factors like price range, type of heating method and brand are all important. Similarly, choosing between a tank or continuous flow, as well as, your household size and how much water you regularly use are also other components to remember. It is also recommended that you hire a trusted plumber to inspect your home and gather data. They will then use the specific factors to determine and help guide you to what is the correct system to purchase and install.

What is the best heating method for my house - solar energy, gas, electric or heat pump?

Determining which type of heating method is the best should not be considered as which one in general, but as which one is the best for you. This is also the first step when deciding on a hot water system as your other decisions are based on this one. Here are some general considerations with the four types of heating methods:

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  • Solar energy – this type has a tank and solar panels included. There needs to be ideal locations for the large solar panels and large tanks to be involved. Importantly, this system is more expensive to install and purchase, yet, it also will save you a lot more money. This is because it is way more efficient for energy use being a renewable source. In turn, you will pay big to begin with but pay a lot less in the future.


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  • Gas – using a natural gas system for your hat water is generally cheaper than electricity. The tank is usually installed outside for ventilation, but, can be installed inside with the inclusion of a flue. Additionally, the installation is quick, as well as there are numerous energy efficiencies depending on the model, influencing the amount of energy it uses. 
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  • Electric – electric hot water systems are mostly cheap and quick to install, however, are expensive to run. Similarly, it usually increases your electricity bill, furthermore impacted if it is on all day. These systems can be installed inside or outside and are also available to run on off-peak electricity but requires a bigger tank.
Heat pump units installed for a hot water system in Sydney home.
  • Heat pump – these systems are more energy efficient and cheaper to run in the long-term. However, they are more expensive to install and purchase. They have the same system as air con/ refrigeration where they extract the air from outside. The heat is transferred into warming the water in the tank. There are multiple locational considerations like climate and noise restrictions (not too close to neighbour). But they are overall an option that can save you money on regular energy bills.

Which system is better - storage tank or continuous flow?

After deciding on whether to choose solar, electric gas or heat pump, thinking of which method of water flow is the best for your home. There are two options being a storage tank or continuous flow (or called ‘instantaneous’). Here are a few key points on each:

  • Storage tanks – gas, solar, electric and heat pumps mostly use a tank for their hot water. A stage tank holds the hot water and when it is needed, like a tap turning on, it will instantly provide hot water. It is generally a bit more expensive to run overtime as it continuously has to maintain hot water in the tank. Also, maintenance is recommended and usually performed every 5-10 years depending on the metal of the tank. This ensures that the components within strong and keep preventing the water from being contaminated.
  • Continuous flow – this system is more energy efficient as it only warms the water when it is needed. For example, when a warm shower is wanted, it will within a few seconds turn the cool water into warm water. It is cheaper to run and does not realise as much heat as storage tanks do.

Other important considerations - size of home and energy rating

  • Size of home – determinants like the location, how many people are within the home and size are all important. These factors will greatly determine what your plumber will advise you to install. Usually they will ask questions, like how often do you use the shower, dishwasher and washing machines. These and other questions/ answers will help decide the final and specific hot water system.
  • Energy rating – the amount of stars the appliances has means how much energy it needs. The Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) provides these statistics. These are for you to purchase the correct system and showcase how much it will cost to run them. However, not all systems are required or have the ratings, therefore, you might not know. 

Who should I trust for when I need quality information on which system is the best for my home?

We recommend that you call for our plumbers at Optimised Plumbing Services to inspect/ gather your needs. We will accurately determine the most affordable, efficient and right system for your exact needs and wants. Additionally, if you need immediate information on what system you should install, we do offer quality emergency plumber as well as blocked drain services. This ensures that we can always be there whenever you have any concerns with plumbing, like hot water systems. Contact us today by emailing us at for our staff to send you knowledgeable plumbers. They will have experience with different hot water systems, therefore, will definitely know which one is the best for your specific home.    

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