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How To Fix Water Meter Problems?

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A property can have its own water meter, and like all plumbing systems, may experience problems. These issues can affect the water meter reading to how the water meter at the property functions. It is important to have the water meter fixed quickly to prevent issues, such as the water bills increasing. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer water meter servicing to all of Sydney where we can resolve all problems.The water meter can experience problems such as leaks, issues with the water pressure and faults in the system. Along with many more issues, firstly understanding the current readings of the meter can help show if there are problems. Also, calling for a qualified plumber to provide help is advised to occur as soon as possible.

What is a Water Meter and its Function

The water meter is what records how much water is supplied to the property then sends to Sydney Water. After this, Sydney Water will charge for water usage amount during the billing period. Along with recording the property’s previous usage of water, the meter controls the water supply to the property. With the water meter tap controlling the water, it can be turned on or off by the property owner. 

How to Detect for Water Meter Issues

If noticed that the water bill is more than usual or that other issues are present, then small tests can determine if the meter has a problem. Most water meters will have the main recording in kilolitres and are often the black number. Here is a simple guide that will show if more water is being used:

  • Record the date each day and the amount of water used
  • When a round of washing has finished, the hose has been running for half an hour, a toilet has flushed etc., record the amount of water which was used
  • After a week of recording each time water is used, this can indicate if more water is progressively being used

This test is mainly there to record if there is a problem which is unknown to the eye. More water will, therefore, be used due to leaks and other common problems.

Fixing Leaks and Other Problems with the Meter

Leaks are often the most common issue regarding the water meter. These can be easily seen, however, often they can be unnoticed for a long time. As a result, more water escapes which will lead to more water being recorded as used therefore the bill increases. Most meters will have a leak gauge installed in it which can be checked. To check the amount of water recorded it involves:

  • Shutting all taps and no appliances, such as the washing machine, being used 
  • Looking at the “leak triangle” on the meter and checking its position
  • After 20 minutes of no water being used in the property checking the triangle again
  • If a leak is present then the position of the triangle would have moved

Additionally, other common problems with the system can include:

  • Water pressure issues, such as low water pressure, surges in water pressure or high water pressure
  • Pressure regulator faults will often make all the fixtures in the building have low pressure
  • Shutting off the water is not possible
  • The meter dial is fogged up, the glass is cracked or the numbers are not showing correctly 
  • Damages by an external force, such as being run over
  • Noises are made from the meter, this can also make pipes rattle when the appliance is turned on

Who Can Fix the Water Meter Issues

The person who will work on the repairs will be determined by the problem and where it is located. 

Property Owner

A professional plumber may need to be called by the property owner when there are certain issues. These are issues regarding the water pipes and fittings between the water main and the building. Furthermore, the meter tap is the device which controls the water to the building. When there are problems with the tap then a licensed plumber is also needed to be called the property owner.

Sydney Water

When there are direct issues with the water meter, such as it stopped working, then Sydney Water will do the work. Because they own the water main under the street or footpath they will also fix any errors with the water meter. On private property, to mention, Sydney Water will help between the water main and their pipes. 

Water Meter Servicing

It is important and recommended that regular servicing is completed on the meter. This is to limit the number of potential damages in the future, which will also save money. A professional plumber can be hired to perform this type of needed service with the system. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber service is open 24/7, which we can operate on water meters. 

Licensed Plumbers for Water Meters

Optimised Plumbing Services has been working with water meters in Sydney for over 15 years. With this experience, we have seen the system develop with technology, as well as have handled all sorts of complications. Therefore, we are able to easily repair all meters, as well as install and perform maintenance/ servicing. Our fully certified plumbers are able to work in all parts of Sydney and on all water meters. This includes our trusted plumbers working in South Western Sydney, the Inner West and the Eastern Suburbs. Furthermore, our professional Blocked Drain specialists are available 24 hours a day to all Sydney residents and workers.For all types of tasks revolving around the water meter, our reliable plumbers are the one to call. We will be there on-time and will know the most effective and efficient ways for working on the system. Our  services are contactable on 02 8074 1475 or through emailing us at No matter the time or place in Sydney, contact Optimised Plumbing Services for advanced help with the water meter. 

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