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How to Get an NSW Plumbing License?

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To receive a NSW plumbing license, a combination of training, plumbing certifications and apprenticeships are needed. Working with gas fittings, plumbing and drainage means learning new skills and understanding how plumbing works. Becoming a licensed plumber within NSW is different from other states and different licence classes are available. Optimised Plumbing Services will perform any needed plumbing work and also offer guidance on how to gain plumbing licences. 

In NSW a plumbing license is required from completing a Certificate III in Plumbing and an apprenticeship. To gain the NSW plumbing license, NSW Fair Trading needs an application form, checklist and proof for completing the needed training. To do specialist work verifying the license is needed and to have a plumbing contractor licence additional steps are required.

What are the Different Types of Licences?

Within NSW there are multiple different types of plumbing licences which a person can apply for. Plumbing, draining and gas fitting work are all types of specialist jobs as well. The main types of plumbing licenses within NSW are:

  • Qualified Supervisor Certificate – this plumbing license allows a person to supervise and perform the plumbing work listed on the certificate. These are only issued to individual people and contracting people to work is not allowed with this license. 
  • Endorsed Contractor Licence – individuals who receive this licensing are able to contract individual plumbers to do work. To receive this licensing the skills, experience and qualifications of a qualified supervisor certificate are needed. Endorsed contractor licenses are allowed to perform qualified supervisor certificate work as well. 
  • Tradesperson Certificate – plumbing, drainage and gas fitting work are all allowed to be performed by the individual. They can perform work without the need for a supervisor but they cannot sign off for work. Someone with the qualified supervisor licence or contractor license will need to sign off and oversee the individuals work. 

How do I Apply for a Plumbing Licence?

For an individual to gain their license or certificate in plumbing the application and payment all go through Service NSW. The following are the specific forms and details needed to apply for the plumbing licence:

  • Application form
  • Application checklist 
  • Details of any current or past plumbing licences
  • An original copy of the certifications and qualifications, such as apprenticeships and certificates
  • Any details of employments and experience 
  • If complicate issues, criminal offences or insolvency matters are available then they are needed
  • Passport photo and proof of identity   

Payment and fees are also needed to receive the plumbing license and will depend on the year. Currently, the fees for receiving a license within NSW are:

  • Qualified Supervisor Certificate – $0 for one year, $0 for three years and $264 for five years
  • Endorsed Contractor Licence – $0 for one year, $320 for three years and $666 for five years
  • Tradesperson Certificate – $0 for one year, $0 for three years and $150 for five years

What are the Qualifications and Experiences Needed for a Plumbing License?

A Certificate III in Plumbing is required to learn the skills and training on how to work as a plumber. These courses also involve specific subjects and electives to help a person train in a specific trade of plumbing. Apprenticeships are also included for an individual to gain real life experience under a supervisor on how to perform the plumbing work. To gain a certificate in a specific part of plumbing the following is a guide:

Plumbing SectorWhat It IsCertificates and Training Needed
Plumbing/  Plumbing, drainage and gas fittingWork with the water plumbing supply system, sewage, wastewater management, sanitary plumbing and more.Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413/ CPC32412/ CPC32411/ CPC32408/ BCP30103 or an apprenticeship 
Water plumbing Work with the water plumbing and water supply systems, as well as pipes and fittings connecting to water mains and sewage or wastewater systems. Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413/ CPC32412/ CPC32411/ CPC32408/ BCP30103 with every module in the water stream or an apprenticeship
Water plumbing – fire protection systemsAny work involved in fire service, including the plumbing and drainage systems, such as a fire sprinkler system, while also connecting to water mains. Certificate III in Fire Protection CPC32813/ CPC32812/ CPC32811/ CPC32808/ BCP30503 or an apprenticeship 
Water plumbing – urban irrigationWorking on irrigation systems throughout urban environments Certificate II in Urban Irrigation CPC20912/ CPC20911/ CPC20908/ BCP20303 or an apprenticeship 
Drainage workDrainage is sanitary plumbing, removing, cleaning or ventilation wastewater or sewage from a place.Certificate III in Plumbing CPC32413/ CPC32412/ CPC32411/ CPC32408/ BCP30103 with every module in the drainage stream or an apprenticeship
Gas fitting workWorking with gas fittings, including installing, extending, repairing gas systemsCertificate III in Plumbing CPC32413/ CPC32412/ CPC32411/ CPC32408/ BCP30103 with every module in the gas services stream or an apprenticeship

Licensed and Qualified Emergency Plumbers

Optimised Plumbing Services offers Sydney with our Emergency Plumber team, each worker having the needing plumbing license. We can work in both residential and commercial areas to perform a wide range of plumbing work. With our training and experience of over 20 years, we know the most effective tools and techniques to use and complete the task safely. 

Each licensed plumber with us will operate throughout all of Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs and South Sydney. Our Blocked Drain specialists are also ready to work at any time to clear any plumbing system efficiently. 

Our expert licensed plumbers are here at all times of the day – contact Optimised Plumbing Services now on 02 8074 1475!

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