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How To Get Rid Of Brown Tap Water?

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When identifying that brown tap water is pouring from the tap, calling for an Emergency Plumber is often the best option. The qualified plumber will definitely be able to quickly resolve the issue and restore the taps function. But, understanding why it happened and what to do personally is good to know and can save time and money. That is why here at Optimised Plumbing Services we are available 24/7 with our emergency plumber support and can provide efficient services with brown tap water. Brown water pouring from a tap has many different reasons to why it would happen. This type of plumbing issue can be solved depending on the source of what is causing the discolouration. Upgrading the hot water system, replacing old pipes, reporting the issue to even waiting a few hours can help.

Reasons Why the Water Might Go Brown

Plumbing problems can lead to water coming out of the tap brown which is never wanted. There are specific reasons though to why the water coming out of the tap appears brown in colour. Firstly, rust, minerals or sediment can gather in the pipes over time which then can cause the colour of the water to change. The colour alteration, therefore, means that the water which travels out of the tap shows that the water main contains these sediments. Another reason why the water may go brown is due to newly installed or damaged pipes. When the new pipes were installed, the water pressure would have changed which may have resulted in the water pressure dropping. Furthermore, when old, damaged pipes, usually experiencing a rusting problem, has the potential to turn the water colour brown from the rust. Additionally, other reasons why the water will go brown may be due to reverse flow occurring, a fire/water hydrant was used or a faulty water meter or network valve. Any of the above issues can have the water coming out of the tap go brown and should be checked by a professional plumber.


Guides in Removing the Brown Water

There are many different methods to have the brown water problem resolved without too much time or money spent on it. Here are some basic guides which are helpful with removing the brown water issue.

Hot Water Tap Problems

If noticed that the water changes from a hot water tap, the hot water system may be experiencing a problem. The plumbing will often not be the cause of the discolouration, but more so the hot water heaters. Often due to corrosion, it is important that a hot water plumber specialist is contacted for dealing with the situation. At times, replacing the hot water system may be the best option as the older one is too old or too expensive to repair.For more information on how to choose the best hot water system visit our blog with helpful insights on the topic.

Common Issues

When experiencing the brown water and have asked a neighbour if it is a shared issue the issue is focused on the piping of the utility provider. Calling them to aware them of the situation is the best option to take. However, if the brown water dilemma is only within your home then the issue is clearly with your plumbing. Testing to see which taps pour the brown water and calling a plumber is always going to be the best solution. They will flush out the rust making sure that the pipes or related plumbing stops flowing out the brown water.

Small Tests to Take

If the brown water has been flushed out and there are still small bits of brown water then using some tools and techniques can help. Cleansing the water with water filters and softeners can assist with the issue. Another step when dealing with brown water is to run cold water out of a tap for around 20 minutes. With this, if the water still comes out brown then calling the utility provider can help so they can inspect the pipes to then flush out the water from their end. However, if the brown water continues, then this is when calling for a plumber is needed.A different option with brown water is to wait a few hours or days as the issue could be temporary. The water can possible flush out all the brown debris itself and eliminate the problem. But, if brown water is still present for a longer time period then personal action is needed.

Dangers with Brown Water

The dangers of brown water depend on what causes the water to go brown. There might be e higher iron content within the water which is not too dangerous but nor advised to drink. Moreover, a leak originating from a rusty pipe can be a difficult problem if the issue is not handled properly. Rusty pipes, however, can be quite dangerous as the rust can accumulate in the water which can attract bacteria. Additionally, a build-up of rust can also make the pipes to crack then burst, causing a burst pipe, which can be serious. Likewise, the pipes full of rust can leak can cause a leaking pipe problem. More than likely though that these situations are rarer and will not likely happen. Though, having the problem checked out quickly is safe as the issue can be more serious than just brown water. 

On-Time Professional Plumbers Ready 24/7

Optimised Plumbing Services has been dealing with brown water pouring from taps for over 15 years. With our fully licensed and experienced plumbers, we are easily able to resolve the brown water issue. Moreover, our emergency plumbing service is available 24/7 to all Sydney suburbs and areas, such as Northern Beaches, Inner West and South Sydney.Furthermore, our Blocked Drain plumbers can be called anytime to deal with blocked drains, as well as issues with brown water causing complications. We also advise reading the ‘Daily drinking water quality report’ by Sydney Water if curious about how the water is sourced for Sydney areas. For all Sydney suburbs we are the most reliable with helping with brown water issues 24 hours a day – call us on 02 8074 1475 or email us at

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