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How to Install a Water Filtration System?

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A water filtration system installation can be easily performed by a registered plumber that has the right tools and knows the right steps to take. Water filtration systems help filter the water and allow it to be cleaner and taste better. Most people will install their water filtration systems underneath their sink to allow clean drinking water easily available. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services our Emergency Plumber team is here to perform professional water filter system installation services. 

The main steps involved in a water filtration system installation are:

  • Drilling a hole into the benchtop
  • Installing the tap fixture
  • Mounting in the T-piece and connecting it to the water filter
  • Connecting the water filter pipes to the filtration system
  • Final tests and inspections

How Do I Install Water Filtration System At Home?

Most home water filtration systems will include an outlet tap, filter cartridge, T-piece and other pipes and fittings. House water filter installations are mostly performed in the main kitchen sink to replace the need for drinking tap water. Undersink water filters are easy to install, offer clean water solutions and are perfect filters for water systems.


Along with the main materials, the tools involved in the water filtration system installation are:

  • 12mm spanner
  • Shifting spanner
  • Strong cordless drill
  • 35mm hole saw – drilling into steel should mean a steel hole saw is used. Drilling into marble or granite then it is important that a diamond drill bit is utilised.

Step One: Drilling Hole into the Benchtop

  1. Remove any items and clutter that is inside of the counter and under the sink to make the process easier. Place some old rags or towels underneath to catch any mess created from the drilling
  2. Position and mark where the filter system tap will be installed. Most times it should be on the opposite side of the basin and directly in line with the existing and main tap
  3. Most drill bits to allow the drill to be smoother will come with a cup section to secure it in place. Use double sided tape to secure the cup section and fill it up with cold water when using a diamond drill bit
  4. Start drilling at a low to medium speed but make sure not to apply too much pressure. When hot water is inside the cup section then replace it will cool water to keep the diamond drill bit cool as well
  5. Once the drilling has been successful the water and any other mess will be caught by the rags underneath
  6. Test to see if the hole size is correct by sliding the pipes and fittings of the house filter tap. See if the fixture is sturdy in place and that it fits perfectly inside the hole

Step Two: Install the Tap Fixture

  1. Ensure that the tap washer is connected to the tap fixture to prevent any water from leaking through into the cupboards in the future
  2. After testing to see if the hole is big enough and the tap washer is installed, secure the fixture in place with the bolt provided

Step Three: Mount in the T-Piece and Connect it to the Water Filter

  1. With the water main line under the sink turn it off through the stop clock. If there is not one then the main water line to the home will need to be disconnected during the installation.
  2. Drain any leftover water pressure in the tap by turning it on and waiting for the rest of the water to come out
  3. Place the rags or towels under where the sink water main is to catch any dripping water
  4. Disconnect the main tap from the water main and install the T-piece
  5. Connect the flexible pipe from the new T-piece to the water filter tap making sure the tap washer is connected when screwed on

Step Four: Connect Water Filter Pipes to the Filtration System

  1. The filtration system pipes will be colour coded with the filter tap pipes while direction arrows help to match the pipe to the tap
  2. Once the pipes have been connected to the filter tap fixture connect them to the filtration system
  3. Most filtration cartridges will come with a base with a sticky underside to help it be steady and not move once under the sink
  4. Most filtration cartridges will last 8,000L until it will need to be replaced

Step Five: Final Tests

  1. Turn on the water supply from with the sink main line or the house main water line
  2. Turn on the tap and allow the filtration system to run 10L of water
  3. Test to see if the water filtration system installation is successful if no pipes leak and the water is clean

Reliable Water Filtration System Installation Services

The fully qualified plumbers here at Optimised Plumbing Services will carry out professional water filtration system installation jobs in Sydney. We make sure that the water filtration system is installed on time and safely. The job is performed efficiently and effectively with proper tests to ensure the filtration system works properly. Each plumber arrives on time, operates expertly and makes certain the installation is successful.

We will perform the water filtration system installation across all suburbs, including Greater Western Sydney and Sutherland Shire. We also offer trusted Blocked Drain services where we will clear any plumbing system of all kinds of clogs.  

When needing expert water filtration system installation services – call Optimised Plumbing Services on 02 8074 1475!

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