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How To Prepare Your Hot Water System For Winter

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Proper heating is a must-have during the colder winter months. The best way to ensure proper heating on your property is to ensure everything is well prepared ahead of winter. Checking your building’s water heating system is essential in ensuring hot flowing water during these colder months. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable plumber is the best way to have your family’s have hot water always operational 

At Optimised Plumbing Services, we have some of the most skilled hot water plumbers in Sydney. We have spent years helping homeowners and businesses with their installation and repair needs. Our team of professionals not only have the experience, but also the latest knowledge on how to best keep hot water systems at their optimal condition.


How To Prepare You Hot Water System for the Cold Months

Cold days are when most people need hot water the most. As previously mentioned, preparation is key to ensuring continuously flowing hot water during these months. Here are some ways to prepare your hot water system for winter:
  • Set thermostats to 120 degrees – Higher temperatures do not guarantee long-lasting hot water. It instead increases the chances of scalding and slow delivery of hot water due to cold pipes. Additionally, the higher the temperature inside the water tank guarantees quicker heat loss while on standby. This situation is almost guaranteed when the water tank is situated in a garage or other cooler locations. It is best to set the hot water system’s temperature at 120 degrees.
  • Insulate exposed cold and hot water pipes – The water tank is not the only equipment with reduced heating capability due to the cold. The winter air affects hot and cold pipes, too. A slip-on pipe insulator is the best way to keep these are pipes protected. Usually available in home centres, these insulators for pipes are best left anywhere between the cold pipes going to the water heater. It is also best to have an insulator cover the hot pipes coming from the hot water system. 
  • Drain and flush – Due to minerals found in water, it is not surprising to discover that the hot water tank will have sediment buildup in the long run. This issue can cause higher water heating costs and shorter water heater life expectancy. Working with a hot water plumber helps thoroughly clean the heater tank by flushing the sediment out. 

How To Prolong Hot Water?

With hot water flowing 24/7, all year round, it is common in Sydney to take water heaters for granted. Most think that with the hot water system up and running, it can provide warm water when needed. However, it is a challenge to keep water warm during winter. With the cold lingering 24/7, most property owners are thinking about ways to prolong hot water in their heater tanks. We  advise homeowners and businesses to do the following to extend their hot water:
  • Regular maintenance – Maintaining the state of the water heater is the number one way to have hot water stay as it is in the heater tank. Most water heater brands recommend a particular maintenance schedule to keep the system in good condition. 
  • Regularly check pressure valves – Experts recommend keeping the pressure in the water heater regulated to safe levels. Too much pressure can cause the heater tank to burst. Property owners should also be mindful of sediment buildup as it usually impacts hot water system performance. 
  • Manage temperature – As previously mentioned, it is best to keep the hot water system temperature at 120 degrees. Higher than this recommended temperature can lead to burst or have a shorter lifespan. Additionally, it could also affect the performance of the system, including how it can keep the water hot for a long time.
  • Always inspect the anode rod – The sacrificial anode is a vital part of keeping water warm. This rod is subjected to significant stress making it prone to corrosion.
  • Flush hot water tank yearly – Flushing sediments out of the heater tank is another way to prolong hot water. Most manufacturers recommend flushing the water heater tank at least once a year. Regular upkeep of the tank allows the whole system to function at its optimal state.
  • Keep minerals to a minimum – Homeowners and businesses will deal with minerals while they are using a hot water system. Calcium, magnesium, silicates and sulphates are common minerals impacting water heaters. These minerals are found in significantly larger amounts where there is hard water. Controlling the quality of water that goes into the hot water system is one way to prevent side effects associated with these minerals and make the system more efficient in providing hot water.

The Maintenance Needs of a Water Heater

Regular upkeep of your water heater is a must not only to keep water warm for a long time. Having a rigid maintenance schedule also helps prolong the life of the hot water system. Experts recommend hot water systems be checked by a hot water plumber every six months. Flushing the heater tank, inspecting the sacrificial anode and checking the integrity of the pipes are some things to be done to ensure the system is in good condition. With routine upkeep of the hot water system, hot water systems can live up to their expected lifespan. Electric water heaters can last for up to 8 to 12 years whereas some gas heaters can last up to 15 year. However the average age for replacement for most hot water systems is 10 years.

Choose the Most Trusted Hot Water Plumber in Sydney Now!

Working with a fully qualified hot water plumber is a must to ensure a working hot water system. Regular upkeep and immediate repair help to keep the system running at its optimal condition at all times. At Optimised Plumbing Services, we have professionals who have spent years helping residential and commercial property owners keep their water heaters in their best condition. All of them have met the requirements set by NSW Fair Trading, which guarantees all installations, maintenance and repairs do comply with The Plumbing Code of Australia. For property owners looking to have their hot water systems prepared for winter, contact Optimised Plumbing Services now!

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