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How To Repair A Leaking Sink

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Experiencing a leaking sink can be quite annoying at first, but like most burst pipes, can become more serious if left unattended. A leaking pipe under the sink can cause some water damage to the items below, but can put stress on the plumbing system and even blocked drains. This plumbing problem can be resolved early to stop the potential of major damage through simple and small steps. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, we have knowledge in all burst water pipe problems, in this case knowing how to quickly repair a leaking sink. The steps to repair a leaking sink will be different depending on where the leaking is coming from. The Water-Supply will often be resolved through tightening the valves with a wrench, or an adjustable or locking pliers. A leak from the P-trap will most likely be fixed through tightening the compression nuts, either by hand or pliers. Also, if the sink drain is leaking, plumber’s putty helps, and if the faucet is leaking, replacing it is needed. 

Why to Quickly Fix Leakages

If waiting to solve a leaking tap is decided, there will often be severe damage that can happen. More than likely, immediately fixing the leaking sink is needed to prevent further damage from occurring. Even if it is a small leak, a leaking sink can cause the following if left unattended:

  • A build up of water can lead to a pool of water to form, as well as wet things. As a result, moulding can happen and other items can become damaged/ ruined. Moreover, this leaking of the water can damage floors and ceilings which is never wanted.
  • The water bill will increase because more water is being “used” and recorded by the water meter. Fixing the leak can save up to 10% of the average homeowner’s water bill.
  • Water will be wasted, therefore it will cause environmental damage. This is because the water that is wasted could have been used for other reasons, as a result, there is a greater stress on water companies. 
  • Stress on the plumbing system can happen meaning that Blocked Drain issues can easily arise. Clogged drains are unhygienic, as well as will prevent water from easily flowing through the pipes.

Steps to Fix Leaking Sinks

To resolve a leaking sink the first step is to identify where the problem is coming from. Often seeing a pool of water, soaked cabinet, damped patches or standing water will indicate that there is leaking involved. With working with the pipes it is important that turning off the main water supply is the first step. After that, here are the steps to do when there is a leaking drain: 

Shut-off Valve Problems

A common problem with leaking drains is that the shut-off valve and the compression fittings are not properly tightened. The drippings will usually occur when the water pressure in the faucet supply hoses is a lot then the water exits through the unsecured gaps. To resolve them you will need either:

  • Wrench, or
  • Adjustable or Locking Pliers

If the pipes are within arms reach:

  • Hold the valve with one hand 
  • With the Wrench, tighten the compression nut with the other by turning it

If the pipes are too far to reach or the pipes are too crammed:

  • Use the adjustable or locking pliers to turn the connections and tighten them

P-trap Issues

Leaks from this type of part are often from loose connections or a blockage, with metal traps it may be due to corrosion. The process will be determined on what the exact source of the leaking is from, however these are the materials which may be used:

  • Wrench or a adjustable/ locking pliers
  • Auger

If it is loose:

  • Tighten the compression nuts by hand
  • However, if the pipe is metal, use the tools to properly tighten them
  • If the nuts on the pipe are difficult to turn this indicated that the part needs replacement as it may be corroded

When tightened but still leaks:

  • A blocked drain may be the issue, therefore remove and clean the compression nuts
  • Then use an auger, or any other method for removing blocked drains, to have it cleared

Other Leaking Problems

When the above are not the cause of the problem, the more common reasons are that the sink drain or the faucet is to blame. Depending on what the part of the sink is, the general materials are usually Plumber’s Putty or replacing parts.Problem with the sink drain:

  • Unscrew the sink drain
  • Repack it with the plumber’s putty 

Problem with the faucet:

  • Locate if the water is leaking from the faucet or runs back down and drips underneath the sink
  • Depending on the type of faucet will change how to fix the problem. Often disassembling/ replacing one or two of the washers or gaskets is needed
  • If it still leaks, a new faucet is usually the next best option. 

If these are not the issue, there may be a problem deep in the plumbing system. Calling for a professional is the best option to make sure that the leak does not cause further damage. 

Expert Services with Leaking Sinks

For problems with leaking sinks, Optimised Plumbing Services are the best pace to contact for wanting professional support. Our expert team understands how to deal with all leaking sinks situations and can work in difficult spaces. Moreover, because we provide Emergency Plumber support, we can easily be called any time to resolve the leaking sink. Additionally, any sort of leaking pipe can be easily fixed by our fully licensed team.To fix any leaking sink in Sydney, call us on 02 8074 1475 or contact us through emailing Having a leaking sink prolonged can really be a serious dilemma to face so it is crucial to have it stopped as soon as possible. We know exactly how to deal with burst pipes, leaking peies and blocked drains. Call us anytime and we can easily work in any suburb within Sydney in all locations. 


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