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How To Repair Pipe Threads?

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Pipe threads are used to connect pipes together and ensure water does not leak anywhere. These threads will wear over time and it is important to repair pipe repairs before major leaks occur. A small leak can lead to a burst pipe and other major leakages so repairing the people threads is an important task. Here at Optimised Plumbing Services, our Emergency Plumber team will repair pipe threads at any time of the day. 

The main way to repair a pipe thread is to:

  • Mount the metallic pipe on a pipe vice
  • Remove any debris off the pipe
  • Place a threaded pipe die on the end where the repair is being done
  • Rotate this die clockwise until it threads to a one quarter turn
  • If the pipe needs it, turn the die unto it is a half turn
  • Rotate the die counterclockwise by a half then a further one quarter
  • Once the die has covered the damaged pipe thread remove it carefully
  • Clean the end of the pipe and test to see if the repair worked

What is a Pipe Thread?

Pipe threads are used to carry liquids and gases in plumbing to, from and around a building. There are international and national pipe threads with there also being a number of threads for different systems. There are also two categories for these thread types being parallel thread or straight thread and tapered pipe threads. 

Tapered pipe threads are the common pipe threading choice for plumbing lines and gas lines. This means their threaded connections are able to prevent gas or water from exiting the pipes. The tapered design of the threads will help with the tight sealing as the male threads and female threads are pressed together. The connections are strong and the leak resistance is high with tapered thread sealants.  

How Do You Repair Pipe Threads?

To ensure pipes do not leak and potentially cause water damage, such as when water leaks through walls, broken pipe threads should be repaired as soon as possible. The best way to repair pipe threads follows:

  1. Gather a pipe vice to place the metallic pipe on it and mount and tighten it. The pipe should be secured enough so it does not move but not too tight so the pipe crushes. 
  2. Grab a clean cloth or rag and then clean the end of the pipe which is going to be repaired. Remove any debris or dirt that is on the pipe and lubricate the end of the pipe with cutting oil.
  3. Place a threaded pipe die on the end of the pipe that needs repairing. This pipe die will need to line up perfectly to make certain the threads will be repaired properly. If they do not line up properly then the threads will be crooked and not function correctly.
  4. Rotate the die clockwise while it is on the existing pipe and perform a one quarter turn. If the threads are severely damaged then repairing them will not work with a one quarter turn.
  5. If the pipe is damaged to the point that the one quarter turn will not repair it then turning the die by its handle one half clockwise is needed. Turn it counterclockwise one quarter to remove any metallic fittings that have formed from the threads being made. Remove the metallic debris by cleaning it with a rag or cloth.
  6. Next, turn the die clockwise by half a turn again then by a quarter of a turn counterclockwise. Turn until the die reaches the end of the pipe and cover the pipe threads that are damaged. Make sure that they do not cover beyond the width of the pipe end.
  7. Rotate the die in a counterclockwise direction continuously until the die will be removed from the pipe. Make sure though that the die is held in place when it is being removed from the pipe to have it lift off straight. When the die is ready to be removed be careful to not damage the threads that have been made.
  8. Wipe the end of the pipe with a clean cloth or rag and remove any metallic fittings that are leftover from the die.


Professional Plumbers Performing Pipe Thread Repairs

Optimised Plumbing Services is here to repair pipe threads and carry out all other pipe repair services. Our fully qualified plumbers are able to work on all pipe services, including working with repairing and installing pipe threads. We will also be able to carry out other pipe work, such as pipe relining solutions to installing sewer pipes. 

We offer our pipe thread and other services to all of Sydney, including Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs. Our team are also experts at handling Blocked Drain concerns, where we will remove any clog from any pipe.

For professional repair pipe thread services – contact Optimised Plumbing Services today!

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